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PanHarmonic Healing

The Unconscious Realm

The Unconscious Realm is potentially more difficult to understand and navigate. Few have organized its elements in a comprehensive manner. We at best think of it as a murky pond where our deepest desires, thoughts and emotions reside. These elements, however, have nothing to do with the Unconscious realm itself.  Rather, the unconscious realm contains twenty-two levels of awareness, in increasing subtlety, until these elements disappear out of the human "self" and into planetary and cosmic awareness. 

Native people have known for millennia how much they are connected to the land, the planet and the Cosmos they saw reflected in the stars above. Their awareness came from an inner knowing and their ability to travel into other realities through their ceremonies, rituals and dreaming practices. Many traditions of shamans and masters have journeyed through the unconscious realm, mapping the Known and Unknown, defining it by the experience of their day-to-day reality. They understood the need to live in both the conscious and unconscious realms to remain in balance and to strive to keep the feminine aspect of reality alive.


Understanding the unconscious realm  (UC) forges an awareness into the Divine Mother/Goddess energy.


Unconscious Realm Defined.


Whereas the Conscious realm expands to higher and higher vibrations, the twenty-two levels of the Unconscious realm deepen in awareness. It is a profound sense of growing closer to the Self that knows itself as Divine. To reach the Divine Mother, the journeyer must travel through the Unconscious realm, confronting the polarities embraced in Maya, the Shadow, the Desire-body, the world of opposites, Attachment and others. With each confrontation or test, the landscape of who we are broadens and deepens as the Soul approaches the Divine.As each being confronts or opens to these aspects of the journey, they erase the impediments to the knowledge that we are all of the Oneness. As these blocks are confronted, accepted and resolved, we begin to experience a sense of flow in how we maneuver through this reality. One expansion leads to another and we realize that there is nothing else here for us on earth but to delight in realizing how this reality conspires to teach us with every lesson, every roadblock, how we are humans unwinding into Divine. It is an exquisite journey that, although sometimes painful, lets us see the universe as an unfolding paradigm.The Unconscious realm also teaches us to look beyond the confines of our physicality to define who we are as humans. It teaches us to journey within, to listen with inner ears, to see with eyes that peer into the Unknown from within the sanctums of our deepest awareness.

Some Constructs of the Unconscious Realm: There are 22 levels. Below are a merely a few of these levels.


UC 1 Denial
In this journey through the Unconscious Realm, we begin with Denial, the densest part of our unconscious. As long as we steadfastly hold onto our denials, we are unable to evolve our awareness. There are many types of Denial which keep us from seeing, hearing , feeling, being and living our heart’s path. These must be recognized at key points in our evolution for our spiritual path to unfold.

UC2 The Etheric Body
The second level of the Unconscious Realm is the Etheric Body, which is one of the most important levels in PanHarmonic Healing, In some ways, it represents  physiology of the Unconscious realm. If it disorganized and unbalanced, we cannot process information coming into our energetic field.  This in turn inhibits our evolution. As our Etheric Body gains deeper and deeper organization, we expand our ability to retain increasingly more subtle information and awareness of who we are. This is essential in our journey into Divine awareness.

The Etheric Body monitors centering, focusing, present attention, discernment, processing, comprehension, rejuvenation, integration, regeneration, timing as well as many other energetic faculties. There are forty-five attunements, all of which play a part in our opening to evolve in this time-space reality.

When these attunements are needed, they are easily diagnosed and treated in a matter of moments by the PanHarmonic practitioner. See Attuning Your Energy Field information about this training.

UC 3: The Dream Body
Shamans and seers have depended on the Dream Body, the third level of the Unconscious realm to understand and to experience their true nature. They have gained wisdom and insights that allowed them to lead their tribal communities through difficult times. They have increased their own awareness, performed distant healings and managed their spiritual lives through their dreamtime. The Dream body, in some ways, is the emotional component of the Unconscious realm. PanHarmonic Training allows practitioners to heal the Dream body so that they can navigate consciously in their dream-states.

UC 7:  Shadow
Psychologists have long discussed the shadow as the darker unconscious aspects of our being which we avoid confronting. PanHarmonic defines Shadow as misdeeds in relation to the components of this world and beyond. We might have performed a misdeed in relation to another human, an animal or even ourselves. If we sublimate these experiences without seeking forgiveness and resolution, they will fester and affect our awareness and self esteem. PanHarmonic has identified twenty levels of the Shadow.

UC 15 The Wall of Maya
The Wall of Maya is an energetic cloud of illusion that separates us from non-ordinary reality. The behavior and actions of those who are oppressed, unloved, abused, abandoned create and thicken the Wall of Maya, as many act out of desperation and fear. The PanHarmonic Map has identified 400 aspects of this ‘wall’ of illusion and uses a powerful code The Christalis Code to unwind the components of the wall, inserting awareness and consciousness in its place. Practitioners identify an aspect of the Maya and then use the code’s symbols to unlock the negative vibrations, opening to a more cohesive and resonant vibration. For more information see Wall of Light Project and The Christalis Code.

Other Levels of the Unconscious
Beyond this level, we need shamanic and esoteric training to begin to perceive how energy is organized at these deeper levels. 

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