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The True Meaning of the All

The ALL or ONENESS is the vibration that generates the polarization of the Divine Mother and Divine Father, for the purpose of differentiation. These twenty levels of initiations offer the practitioner access to the powers that lie dormant within each of us. As the vibration of each of these initiations takes hold in our beings, we are propelled further on our evolutionary course.

The offerings of the realm of the ALL or Sacred ONENESS are the very tools that are used by Masters  in their work on the planet and beyond. These energetic alignments act as activations and initiations to our own Mastery. For those that are destined to serve others through healing, teaching or inner guidance, these Sacred Powers are essential to fulfilling our true destiny here. One might be initiated into the world of Compassion, Power, The Rays, the Gates or the Christalis Code.

Because of the need for these energies to be properly used for the good of mankind at this time, some of these sacred powers have been introduced to the beginning practitioners. The Christalis Code, the Disks of Zoran and the Cone of Power have been offered and used by beginning and advanced practitioners of PanHarmonic Healing and the Immortality Club.

Some of these initiations are pure energetic medicine that infiltrates the practitioner’s field, making subtle changes that manifest over time. Others are experienced in a group setting. Each initiation is a deepening activation, resonating with magic and power.

The All: Powers and Initiations

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