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The 8M Process of the Christalis Code

The Christalis Code Avatars are activated into this reality through the practices called the 8M process. Eight different approaches offer practitioners access to the Avatar frequencies. Each form of practice is intimately connected to the other practices.

I. Mark or Symbol

Marks and symbols represent the earliest attempt of man to express a thought, feeling or vibration. Early man made crosses and circles to represent aspects of nature that they observed. These symbols meant similar things to a variety of unrelated people on the world’s continents who had had little or no contact. It is as if this form of language has always been deeply embedded into our consciousness.


The making or viewing of marks and symbols sparks awareness in our subconscious, as if we are tapping into ancient memories within our soul. Each Avatar is represented by a very concise symbol or mark. While some represent common geometric shapes, such as the square or circle, others are unique. These symbols can be drawn or visualized internally. If one of these symbols appears in meditation, it signals the presence of that Avatar frequency at work with you energetically.


The marks can also be used in healing sessions and to mediate the challenges of daily life. Combining several of them into a single glyph can initiate a powerful intention into reality.


II. Movement

Many of the original practitioners facilitated their connection to the Christalis Avatars through a movement series called the Christalis Code Activations. Each of the 20 movement sequences  initiated the frequency of one of the 20 Avatar into the field of the practitioner. Originally, these movements were initiated in a group setting that succeeded in producing palpable energy fields that prepared the practitioners for deepened meditation states.


By invoking the presence of the Avatars through these  Christalis Code (CC) Activations, the energy body is prepared for the transition into higher energy states. While employing these movements, individual consciousness is energetically upgraded each and every time they are initiated. Healing may occur, guidance may be rendered or the mind and body cleared of hindrances.

Each CC Activation presents a specific aspect of the ascension process, revealed to practitioners as they evolve in their spiritual practices. One can practice these movements alone or perform all twenty activations in sequence as one movement series. The Activations can be executed standing, walking or even energetically visualized through meditation. Performing one or more of the twenty activations daily assists the practitioner in accumulating the energy needed to facilitate a graceful day-to-day existence as well as an accelerated spiritual evolution. Practiced with a group, these activations create powerful energy fields that serve to activate these higher frequencies into the planet.


III. Mudras

Mudras (Sanskrit for attitude or gesture) are sacred hand positions that have been used for millennia to attune the consciousness of humans to certain energetic or divine frequencies. Early man, as well as the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Persians, Hindi, Jews, Chinese, Mayans and Thai utilized mudras to communicate a thought, a mood, a spiritual flow or a specific teaching to students and practitioners.


Mudras are thought to act on the energetic aspect of human consciousness by establishing a direct communication with cosmic and divine forces. Over the centuries, they have developed as a form of spiritual sign language meant to invoke specific energy states for meditation and spiritual contemplation.


The Christalis Mudras were discovered over many years and are linked to many of the world’s spiritual practices. They originated from the Christalis Activations,  serving as short hand to bring through the specific Avatar frequency.


IV. Mantras

Mantras are another ancient healing form, used to deepen consciousness, silence the mind, invoke a sacred presence or evoke a healing frequency. They can be singular sounds such as OM or an accumulation of sounds that may not be translatable such as Om Mane Padme Hum.


There is also an ancient, sacred seed sound that is associated with each Avatar. These sacred sounds may also be linked together into mantras or sacred chants for specific healing or meditation purposes. Each Avatar also has its own unique mantra or vibration key that deepens the experience of the practitioner who chants them aloud or silently.


V. Meditation

Using any of the aforementioned practices will activate the presence of the Christalis frequencies to produce a meditative state. One may also follow the practice of engaging with the Daily Encodes meditations, which are grouping of three symbols or mudras practiced to produce a particular energy state or spiritual lesson.


Many practitioners have developed personal energetic relationship with one Avatar who has acted as teacher, Master or the purveyor of guidance and wisdom. The Avatars have communicated with individuals through visual, verbal or energetic communication. These practices have afforded physical, emotional and spiritual healings to practitioners.


VI. Maneuvers

The sixth “M” practice that utilizes many or all of the Christalis Code activation methods. These are called maneuvers. The practices require the attention of advanced practitioners and are best learned in a group format. They are powerful and must not be misused. Once learned, these practices can be employed to:


  • Create energetic healing fields

  • Generate energy for spiritual awakening

  • Expand and enhance personal power

  • Shift to more congruent expressions of reality

  • Create group coherency

  • Unwind illusion, ego and circular thinking

  • Deepen one’s meditation practice

  • Open to Love, Love, Love


The group applications are especially powerful, as well as exponential in the experience of their effect. For example, various mudras and movements can be linked together, followed by a meditation or journey into deeper aspects of reality, with a single, group or planetary intent in mind. The group consciousness can enhance or alter reality states and upgrade conscious reality from 3D to 5D and beyond.


VII.  Mentation

The mind engages us with the illusory reality that makes up 3D. The mind generates up to 50,000 thoughts per day. It is thought that a large percentage of those thoughts are both negative and judgmental or have no positive directive. One could wonder just who is generating the barrage of thoughts that pester human consciousness daily. Is it merely the human unconscious?


Mentation is the practice of actively and consciously using the mind to affirm spiritual reality within. Mentation also includes the use of declaratives, (such as I AM Light), which affirm higher energy states into our reality. This act is a powerful way to engage quantum reality into 3D reality.


VIII. Music

Music has long been an inspiring aspect of spiritual evolution. Chanting may evoke either an ecstatic state or enhance spiritual consciousness, Beautiful music may elevate listeners to higher states. The Christalis Avatars are just beginning to hint at the flow of Their consciousness through music as the 8th M. Stay tuned.

In the beginning, it is good to familiarize yourself with the names of the Avatars, Their mark and their mudra. The other practices will be revealed as your interest grows. These forms of practices can be activated by individual practitioners, but are especially powerful when practiced with eight practitioners or more in a group setting.

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