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Expressing the Truth from Within

The fourth realm of awareness is perhaps more familiar to the masses than any other realm. It embodies the path to the Divine Masculine. Many  mystics and prophets have come to proclaim the pathways to God (the Father) and have expressed aspects of this path in the form of Sacred Laws. These spiritual laws have served not only as guideposts for optimum human behavior but have shown us how to resonate with the Divine. Many of these truths have been accessed by mystics, prophets on their journeys into the inner planes.

The Superconscious realm has 78 levels, matching the number in the Depth Reality realm. These levels of awareness become increasing higher in vibration until they dissolve into I AM awareness. There are twenty aspects of the I AM Masculine consciousness, differing from those of the I AM Feminine.

The 78 levels of the Superconscious realm are meditations of light and awareness. They are Spirit, differentiated into aspects of God the Father, familiar yet unrecognized. As Sacred Law, they offer the directives that allow us to know the code of Divinity and to embody it with our actions.

Interestingly enough, one of the initial offerings of the Superconscious realm is the Ten Commandments, renamed Moses' Commandments. However, instead of being stated as “Thou shall not….”, they are offered as Sacred Law to inspire aspirants to live with honor and love.

We know beings of higher consciousness have graced this planet through both myth and history. Teachers such as Nostradamus, Deuteronomy Pythagoras, Buddha, Thoth and others have left teachings and injunctions intended to guide aspirants on their long journey to awareness. These Sacred Laws have been interpreted by men and often defended in wars. For some reason, mankind has failed to see that there are many paths to God Consciousness. 

Mankind has always fought its basic instincts to own, dominate and destroy for the sake of religious beliefs. Instead of aspiring to evolve into God consciousness, mankind has separated itself from God, feared God, killed others in the name of God and worshiped the idea of God. They have most often failed to absorb the spirit of the Law into their beings and raise their vibration to a higher frequency. PanHarmonic Healing invites us to embody the spirit of the law, rather than fear punishment from God.

Each individual levels offers a complete and beautiful path to Divinity, injunction-by injunction. These laws uplift rather than restrict. If one were to follow just on of the sacred laws offered, their life would begin to merge with the Divine.They are both meditations and invitations to melt into the frequency of God the Father.

Each ascending level becomes increasingly sublime until the practitioner is able to stand in the frequency of Level 100 - the I AM consciousness.  Here twenty frequencies delineate the Divine aspects of God the Father. Each one of these is an invitation into the highest vibration where we then become that which is Divine: Spirit, Light, Sentience, Intent, Wisdom, Mastery and Truth……

Here are several sacred injunctions. Pick one to embody today:


SC 30-10   Hold true within you the knowledge that you are Divine

SC 32-4      Keep the heart open in all difficulties

SC 34-2     Call forth your passion to discover the depth of Divinity within

PanHarmonic Healing:

The Superconscious Realm: The Sacred Laws

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