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Women, You've Got the Power

In mid February, 2020, one of my intuitive cohorts proclaimed that she had to take me to have a visit with a well known local seer who turns out I had known for 45 years. I had not seen him for 30 years, so I was intrigued and willing.

We went to his house up in the hills of Montecito. Outside, his artistic talents were on display – sculptures in particular. Inside sat a much older version of my long-term friend, sitting at a table, smoking unfiltered tobacco. I was concerned of course for his health, yet quickly settled into accepting that this was a choice that he was making to smoke through world karma.

Once we reacquainted ourselves, he said something to me that at first was a bit unsettling: “You are in the process of upgrading to your seventh level Spiritual Warrior self.”

Frankly, I was disappointed. I wanted to hear that I was upgrading to something more feminine, like Priestess or Goddess! Yet, I took a breath in and simply nodded.

The next day, this same intuitive cohort came over to the house and ushered me through an initiation into this 'spiritual warrior self'. She had me bring a specific energetic quality into each of my chakras. Over the next few days, these frequencies became better defined. I began to feel more my true self, more empowered to do good.

Within a week came rising specter of the coronavirus. I was intrigued at first from a distance, as it was centered in China, with one outbreak in Washington. I studied it, convinced that I could somehow redirect its course of illness and death. I watched then, in horror, as the numbers began to rise dramatically, in all parts of the world.

A call to “DO SOMETHING!” began to build inside of me. I would awaken in the morning with something screaming inside of me, “I (single-handedly) HAVE GOT TO SAVE THE WORLD!”, even as I was driven to tears and a sense of despair. My first two months in lock-down was centered on resolving this issue, so that I could get to the real work: assembling groups of women so that we would participate in manifesting the solution.

Now, five months later, we are experiencing the effect of humanity’s hubris as the coronavirus continues on its path of contagion. I am more than concerned, not only for the health and wealth of our country and the world but by the burgeoning division our government has fostered.

I have given up on single-handedly dismantling the virus energetically. I now know and feel that we face even more challenges in the next months and possibly years that we can imagine. In fact, I now see that the coronavirus is merely a symptom of our dire need to wake up!

With this in mind, I am calmly and consciously stepping into my ‘Spirit Warrior’ self, with one modification: I am changing the Warrior to Warrioress.

I know from years of participating in conscious evolution, with like-minded Warrioresses, that this is a malleable dream that, when the proper intentions are applied, can and will shift.

We women have an innate power from within. Spiritual teachers have hinted at it. Sadly, many powerful men have taken advantage of women and siphoned off their unique power, often with greed as the motivation. We have been made to feel guilty and ashamed for this innate power from within. I know in my heart, that if we can feel our way through the old messages of being the ‘weak and inferior gender’, we can step rightfully into our power. It will mean shifting through those ancient memories of being burned, hung and beheaded, tortured and shamed for sharing our gifts. The time is now – we can now step into our feminine power, join together and steer this celestial ship of Gaia’s Earth, to a breakthrough in consciousness for humanity. We do not have a moment to spare.

Click here to see how the Arcturians began working with us at this unique moment in Time-Space.

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