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The Acceleration of Evolution in 2020

Riding the Intent Wave of 2020

What is an Intent Wave?

You may be sensing or feeling the push or current impact of the 2020 (Re)Vision phenomena that is gathering momentum and strength. The inaccuracies of perception about what is real and what is truth are beginning to emerge as we are seeing the lies about race, ethics, gender and power being exposed. What is driving this up welling? The current Intent Wave.

Intent Waves emanate from the center of the Universe. Think ‘Big Bang’. When the Big Bang went off, it created a wave of Intention to evolve something we call a universe. We only perceive a fraction of it as tiny lights in the sky, the light of which are only reaching us after billions of years. We cannot even perceive or see what ‘dark matter’ reveals – perhaps countless other universes. An amazing intention, this Universe we perceive, emanating from the thought of the ONE.

As this Wave of Intent continues its expansion and acceleration, it actuates evolution, which is balanced by entropy, creating the laws of physics. As it continues to expand, it becomes less dense. One could hope that has an impact on human consciousness!

It is possible that this evolutionary wave is variable, or at least has varying impacts on our gravitational field – and consciousness.

Currently, an impactful wave is moving through our reality. The coronavirus pandemic, spiraling unemployment levels, racial disparities, financial struggles and political division are just some of the manifestations as this particular wave impacts our entire world. It is here, and it is building momentum.

As it does, it is strongly pushing inequities/falsehoods to the visible surface. COVID-19 might be more of a symptom rather than a cause, along with the resistance to work towards a solution by a significant part of this country.

We are bound to evolve - unless we choose a path of denial and self-destruction. (think drug and alcohol abuse to cope with the push of reality).

Evolutionary waves push us to change- and to change, we must continue to release our personal story. And our ancestor’s stories. And our cultural stories. And our human story, which includes suffering, us vs. them, survival at any cost, me before you, and whomever has the most, wins.

Did I mention that we might have to tune into - and release - our Galactic story…which includes alternate and parallel worlds.

How to navigate this particular challenging time? The possibility exists to possibly flourish, rather than suffer, if we ride this wave of evolution. To do so, we must first face the Intent Wave, energetically, emotionally and with the will to do good, for the good of all.

Read further for clues to prospering in this time of accelerating evolution.

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