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A Tale of Two Timelines

Native people in America have had access to the Earth’s timeline or continuum for millennia. This continuum (there are many) delineates not only past history, beyond what is written, but also the history that has yet to be made. In addition, their shamans have been able to see far past what we can imagine. Their visions are consistent: there have been several Earth realities or a total now of four Earths.

Other seers, from other traditions, have seen this as well. This has been written about and hinted, even in more recent times.

Time is actually very fluid. One can change the effect of registered events in the timeline by gathering enough energy to travel forward or backwards and by re-dreaming a sequence of events, especially to upgrade it to a higher frequency. I have done this many times in the process of clearing and healing my own personal timeline. The results can be remarkable, positively affecting all beings involved.

We are now in a position that we, as a species, must examine our own timeline to determine how we got ‘here’. ‘Here’ is a world that allows war, poverty, greed, control, power over, destruction, hatred and abject violence against humanity and animals.

The natural evolutionary timeline of our fourth Earth cycle has been commandeered by an intelligence beyond most human’s comprehension.

This intelligence, which has been named the Controllers by my guidance factor, has been able to infiltrate and influence all humans from the smallest to the most powerful. They have established the need for a hierarchical system of rule because they have literally infiltrated the minds of men and women to influence their thoughts and behaviors. This infiltration has caused acting out, reacting from ego, personality disorders, judgmental thinking and base inclinations towards doing harm in the world. In other words, millennia of free will exercised as bad behavior that needs laws and police to keep in check. Not sure about this? Just watch your thoughts during a stressful moment.

There is a counter-force however. This is experienced as the ‘spiritual path of evolution’ as more and more beings have broken free from the controlled reality paradigm to journey to be free and ‘here’.

These ancient seers were somewhat scientific in their tracking timelines. They saw and predicted a time, after 26,000 years (give or take) that there would be 4th shift of timelines from one earth to another. Although it was offered to all beings, the experience of ‘density’ and untethered emotional expression would allure many. They would choose 'the low road' (to quote Michelle Obama).

However, many will choose the high road. ‘High’ here alludes to the frequency shift from 3/4D (Time/Space) to 5/6D (quantum/light ). In other words, choosing to jump up a notch in how we not only perceive reality but how we ‘are’ in manifesting reality.

These two timelines are currently presenting themselves, with an exclamation point!. While I prefer the model of ‘144,000 Beings of Light’ awakening to shift the consciousness of the entire planet, I am seeing signs that this may not happen.

What happened in our nation’s capitol was a call, a test, to see who would remain in the Time/Space (3D) density timeline.. Who would bide the call to ‘stay’? That day, spurned on by speeches and online organizing, the crowd responded with rhetoric, mayhem and violence. There is more to reveal regarding the actual source of this 'call'. This will be revealed in the Immortality Club trainings

Even in the aftermath of arrests and doubling down on nationwide security, these beings have been infiltrated with a call to density behavior. They must not be judged. They have free will to choose this path. They are fulfilling their destiny of ‘re-volution’ (which can be take to mean going around again and again).

In every other way, those who are called to the evolution (e-volution or turning towards energy based) must always strive to remain non-dualistic/non-judgmental in order to attract and hold the 5/6 configuration of crystalline frequency. This will allow the practitioner to be the bridge between this current reality and what some may call an ascension reality.

I am calling this journey of transitioning to an ascension reality the ‘Next Earth’, in honor of all that Gaia has had to endure with humanoid presences. She has had the ability to ascend before and will ascend again. However, this time, it will possibly have to be accomplished by creating two time-lines. Many humans in this cycle are so under the ‘influence’ that they would rather engage in selfish activity to satisfy whims and needs, than work together to be more consciously inhabiting this sacred planet of density and dimensionality.

How to ascend?

Affirm your Light (I AM LIGHT!). Affirm your Love (I AM LOVE!) and then…. live it, daily, in conscious consideration (at the very least) of your fellow humans, sans judgment and with kindness at every turn. Then watch as the little miracles begin to swirl around you…that's 5D, baby!

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