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Mercy Kindles Unity Meditation

This is a difficult time in the world. We are experiencing a pandemic that is sickening millions across the globe, and has caused over 3/4 of a million to perish.The financial repercussions of lock-downs have caused a serious divide in our country and the world. This in turn has challenged people to make changes that would benefit the good of all, such as wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID. Racial issues are boiling over, with an awareness of the inhumane treatment of non-white people across the continent.

Many of our hearts ache as we close our eyes and take a deep breath as the collective’s is experiencing deep challenges at this time. We instinctively want to offer assistance. We take the steps to prevent the spread of the virus. We may find ourselves judging those who refuse to abide with what we see as common sense.

In my experience, I am often more effective in creating significant change, when I work inwardly, especially when I work with a group of eight magical beings.

One new moon meditation, we were guided through a meditation process. It occurred just nights after the death of George Floyd. We each were guided how and where to flow Mercy, which I see as Divine understanding for harmful acts. One could feel it acting as an energetic balm in the hot spots.

The next day, a post appeared that showed an poignant interchange between protestors and the police. The headline included the work Mercy.

Here is the powerful process that we flowed in our group of 8 that night in late May.

If you have a group you work with (eight beings are so powerful when working together), flow these frequencies, in this order, onto and across our beautiful planet.

Begin with: Mercy, which is a blessed form of forgiveness to those who are acting out of hate with violence.

Then flow Compassion, which allows us to observe division and conflict while seeing both sides without judgment. Compassion assumes that those beings that feel superior, dishonest, aggressive or entitled were previously hurt or trained in someway to work against the common good.

Now flow Grace, as the power of divine love, to all beings in disrupted areas, to energize a shift in consciousness.

Then flow Inner Harmony to all sides involved in current conflicts. Feel it move as waves across the continent.

Now flow Unity, as you see all sides unified to learn the lessons of unconditional love.

Then flow Oneness as the truth of who we really are…. so that we all may evolve back to Godliness.

Finally, flow Love, Love, Love: first to yourself, (feel "I AM loved") then open your heart to receive the love of the Divine. Then, you may flow that Divine love you receive out to all sentient beings on the planet.

Bless you.

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