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Creating an Galactic Portal

It was April 1, 2020. Because of the COVID outbreak, a group of meditators, who had worked together over 15 years, gathered, for the first time in months, over Zoom, in hopes of tracking and possibly mitigating the burgeoning contagion of COVID. There was a sense of urgency from the other side, that we gather together, as women, to receive instructions from my new connection with the Arcturians.

As we settled in to do our work for the evening, our guidance came in loud and clear: every woman was strongly urged to move into her power and own it. We were then instructed to bring that power to our hearts and feel our strength, individually and as a group.

Next, we were instructed to form an octagon as a group formation. Each member of the group were to find their place in the octagon. Once that was accomplished, we were then guided to energetically rise up above the Earth to the stratosphere and hold space between the Earth and the stars.

Here, we were strongly contacted by the Arcturian forces. It became clear that the 8 sided octagon was our portal between the dimensions. This was of great interest to me, as I had been guided to work in groups of eight in order to amplify the effect of our planetary healing work. It turned out to be a powerful aid in establishing a connection with these Arcturians who were willing to work through us for the benefit of the Earth.

After some time, we were then asked to tune into the square grid formation of control that was currently being held by four prominent world leaders. In their pursuit of power and control these leaders failed to have the interest of the planet in their hearts. We were then instructed to overlay this planetary control cabal of the four with purity, cooperation, humility and true power. Imagine the effect humility would have on those four world rulers!

Here is the first configuration that we were guided to do in cooperation with the Arcturians.

Over the next eight planetary healing sessions, we continued to gather (over Zoom) in our octagonal formation. Because we were not in the same room together, it gave each group member a focus to connect on the quantum level.

Over the next four months, the octagon has become our channel for instant connect with the Arcturians and other benevolent and purpose driven extra-planetary forces who are intent on seeing us through this period of chaos and evolution.

More about it is revealed here.

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