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Protection in the Quantum Realms

Strangely enough, when one sets foot on a spiritual path, challenges arise. Many of these challenges merely illustrate where we need to grow. Sometimes, we are not attending to our physical or emotional health. Sometimes even, we enter into this world in challenging situations. We  also suffer traumas both physical and emotional/mental that create holes in our perception and in our energy body. This requires healing and an understanding of boundaries and the need for psychic protection.

There is a whole unseen world that may directly affect our thoughts and perceptions. As one delves deeper into the quantum realms of the energetic body, one discovers unseen elements that are attracted to the light of spiritual beings who do not yet understand appropriate procedures of protection.

The IC understands this and offers evaluation and simple protection measures for those whose energy bodies are not stable and cohesive. Procuring awareness and taking appropriate measures will assist the practitioner in creating a cohesive container to hold incoming spiritual frequencies as well as accumulate the energy needed to evolve.

One of the many forms of protection used by practitioners is the Intensity Shield. In one case, sadly, a practitioner's house, trailer and landscaping were not spared in a California fire. What was spared was her car, located in the midst of all that burned down. She relayed that she had an Intensity Shield stored in the glove box. Absolutely no damage occurred to the car.

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