The PanHarmonic Healing Disks can be used on the body or installed in a healing room. They are often used in meditation, one at a time or in groupings of four. They are virtual powerful frequency modulators that link to actual Cosmic Disks and are gifts to humans in their evolutionary path back to their original state of ONENESS.


Using the Christalis Code as activating agents, they combine the vibrational elements of gemstones, precious metals and universal elements, aligned to emit a specific power to protect and empower the healer and meditator.


Get this complete desk, laminated in a beautiful bag. Comes with extra Intensity shield for protecting your loved ones, your car or home.


This beautiful deck is formualted to  protect and empower your healing space as well as assist you in deepening your meditations.

The PanHarmonic Healing Deck

  • This deck includes 20 healing disks as well as an extra Intensity Shield to place in your car for protection.

    1.SANCTIFICATION LOCATOR DISK: Entrains your energy field to attract divine frequencies into your life. Provides clarity when channelling sacred energies. Assists in opening chakras.

    2.DIVINER DISK: Activates the flow of direct knowledge into your consciousness by opening the upper chakras. Increases psychic awareness. May be used to clear psychic fog.

    3.INTENSITY SHIELD: Use for protection in travel and in dealng with negative energies. 

    4.METRON DECONSTRUCTION DISK: Dispels dis-harmonic energies bleeding through from other realities, past lives or parallel worlds. Helps dispel contamination from other energy fields.

    5.MIND HARMONIZER: This disk balances, energizes and harmonizes the mental body and links you to Universal Mind. Great for meditation, taking tests, job interviews.

    6. MAGNETIZER: Assists in programming your energy field to the Law of Attraction.  It also balances the E-M etheric body.

    7.HEART PROTECTION: Heals and protects the heart from life’s disappointments and abuse. Enhances awareness of heart chakra in meditation and encourages intuitive development.

    8.PLANETARY TRANSMUTATION: Connects you to Gaia and the Divine Feminine frequencies as well as in grounding personal energy. Also good to use in global disasters to transmute negative energies.

    9. STAR CONFIGURATION LOCATOR: Assists in aligning the energy body with stellar, galactic and cosmic frequencies for personal evolutionary acceleration and enhances journeys to the cosmic worlds.

    10.FREQUENCY REGULATOR: Modulates the flow of frequency throughout the energy body.

    11.FREE ENERGY UPLOADING DISK: Trains the energy body to source available extra energy necessary to evolve and prosper. It serves as a battery charger.

    12.FREQUENCY BOOSTER: Supercharges and amplifies incoming energy, making it accessible to the energy body to boost personal power and awareness.

    13.ZENITH OF POWER: Guides the energy body in accumulating increasing amounts and frequencies without short-circuiting.

    14.DENSITY MAGNIFIER: Helps the energy body to interface with the physical, emotional and mental bodies to give a sense of deepened presence.

    15.ABERRANT FREQUENCY SHIELDING: Shields from negative frequencies by dismantling and dispersing them.

    16.TOTAL ENERGIZER: Energizes and teaches the energy body to avoid depletion by rewiring the energy field to function at maximum output and efficiency.

    17.SYNCHRONIZATION DISK: Tunes to and synchronizes the physical, emotional mental spiritual body. Assists in synchronizing with people or  groups.

    18.COSMIC DEBRIS BUSTER: Clears cosmic debris from solar flares, astrological occurrences and cosmic shifts.

    19.FREQUENCY BINDER: Stabilizes the body’s electromagnetic field and assists in smoothing frayed frequencies in the outer aspect of the energetic field.

    20. INTENT MAGNIFIER: Empowers your intentions for accelerated manifestation.