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what are the panharmonic Healing Disks? 

At at time when spiritual healers needed more protection for their work, Dr. Girard was guided to channel and create a series of twenty disks which offer protection and support for energy workers.

We have observed that external planetary forces often affect those sensitive to energy. Solar flares, cosmic debris, alternative realities affect our world even as the energetic components of this world are rapidly changing as Time/Space is shifting and accelerating . These healing disks were channeled and created to protect and assist our own group of meditators as well as other healers, energy workers, shamans and those who are working on their own spiritual evolution. There are twenty of these highly active disks, specifically formulated to protect, energize and balance all aspects of the healer and their clients.


The Intensity Shield for Energetic Protection


Twenty Healing Disks link energetically to the actual cosmic disks that are mirrored on the inner planes and have been gifted to humans in their evolutionary path. They transcend time and space to entrain the humanity towards obtaining a complete energy body able to function beyond normal third dimensional reality.


Each Healing Disk is linked to a disk composed of an element or compound, encoded with gemstones placed strategically on a grid. The shape of the gemstones as well as their color was integral in empowering these Healing Disks. Each element and gemstone resonate with a particular vibrational frequency that gives the Healing Disks their energetic power.


Tracing the symbols on the back of the cards can activate these healing disks. They may be laid out in a grid or placed around a sacred space, healing room or house for protection.


Many practitioners carry an Intensity Shield in their car as they have noted its particular protection against damage and accidents.


It is also good for those in the healing profession to meditate with each Disk. Hold it as instructed on the back or sit with it while in meditation. You may also infuse a crystal with one or more frequencies. Read About Each Disk....

The PanHarmonic Healing Disks: support & protection for energy workers

The Diviner Disk assists in opening channels for the healer, improving intuition and inner sight.


Intent Magnifier Disk: A "must have disk", it accents and accelerates the manifestation of intent. Empowers your best aligned intentions for accelerated manifestation. Can be used for spiritual enhancement.

Zenith of Power 19.jpg

Zenith of Power guides the energy body in how to accumulate increasing amounts and frequencies without short circuiting. It is creates a precise ability to attune to incoming frequencies. It also elevates your frequency to higher vibrational modes for meditation, work and life goals. 


Heart Protector Disk heals and protects the heart from disappointment and abuse. Opens heart awareness in meditation and encourages intuitive development. This will bring in an energy like a crystal bowl or a pink mist that moves through the energy field and softens the edge of awareness. Helps you link to Cosmic Heart Center. 

"A particular room in our healing clinic was “infected” when several clients unloaded unpleasant energies. No amount of clearing appeared to be doing the job of keeping the energy clear. We finally placed four different shields behind pictures in the room, along with two under the treatment table. Within 24 hours, the disturbing energy cleared and everyone could feel the change. The room was then protected from that point forward."   - GH

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