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The Immortality Club

Learn effective energetic techniques for

enhancing your evolution

What is The Immortality Club?

The Immortality Club teaches you techniques that cull energy from alternate sources for enhanced clarity of soul purpose, psychic ability, increased energy, accelerated vibrancy, improved health and well being.

The Nature of Immortality, Infinity and Eternity

Through the Immortality Club, we are in a quest to align with eternity and infinity so that the secrets of our immortality may be revealed to us. Humans have been commandeered into believing that they must suffer to attain redemption in the eyes of Divinity. This construct is used to control humans for the personal gain of a few institutions. The truth is: we are immortal beings having a human experience in the density realm of 3D reality.


To pursue immortality does not mean that you will not pass from this earth reality. It means that your consciousness evolves to become the truth of who and what you really are so that you pass directly into the Oneness without losing awareness. The Immortality Club's practices activates the relationship with the Infinite to assist practitioners to not only gain more personal energy, but to accurately experience the true nature of their being.


Energy and the Energy Body

​Energy is the basis of life. Everything is energy. It cannot be created or destroyed; merely transformed from one state to another. Energy can be accumulated in various forms by actions performed. The physical body is but one aspect of the energy body.


The  Immortality Club (IC) teaches how to cull energy from alternate sources to use in activating the totality of the human energy body. These practices are rooted in both physics and ancient spiritual practices.


The Eight Practices:

The primary premise is that practitioners need extra energy to evolve and that this energy must be culled from higher dimensions and parallel worlds. Energy is gathered through the "8M" process:

  • Mark - The symbols of the Christalis Code are used to clear, sanctify and to accelerate evolution.

  • Meditation -  Various meditations were created to handle the challenges of daily life.

  • Mudra -  Special hand postures are utilized to evoke specific spiritual flows of energy.

  • Mantra - Making sounds, words and thoughts that express spiritual meaning

  • Movement -  Movements series are used to elicit spiritual energy states in the body.

  • Maneuvers - Shamanic actions that activate shifts in the physical, emotional and energy bodies.

  • Mentation - The use of mind to observe the world or to affirm and intend specific spiritual outcomes as will.

  • Music - THe frequency of sound is used to stream the practitioner into the inner realms, beyond the critical mind.

Mastering The Eight Practices

The primary premise of the Immortality Club is that spiritual practitioners required extra energy, beyond what is generated from eating and sleeping, to evolve in consciousness. This energy must be culled from higher dimensions and parallel worlds. Energy is gathered through the "8M" process which is a series of movements, mudras, mantras and other means which can cause profound shifts in the practitioner.

The Immortality Club offers ancient-based teachings via modern practices formulated to enhance your personal  power and energy. It steers practitioners towards the source of their own divinity, knowing that they must take the necessary steps to actualize and realize their true Self through their personal Soul plan. 

The 8M Process offers practices that utilize meditation, sacred marks, mudras, mantras, movements, mental exercises, music and energetic maneuvers to reconfigure practitioners from their third dimensional reality (3D) into 5D and 6D frequencies. Raising your frequency to 5th and 6th dimensional vibration enhances your physical health, activates the energetic body,  accelerates spiritual evolution and actualizes the Self, for the purpose of being in service to both humanity and planet Earth.   Read more about the 8 Practices...

The Teachings of the Immortality Club


Initiation into Soul Purpose

Energetic Protection

Cultivating Energy

The Christalis Code

The Nature Of Maya

Freeing Maya/Illusion

The Daily Encodes Mudra Meditations

The 8M Process for Energy Gathering

Re-configuring the Human Configuration

Abolishing the Controller’s Mind

Activating the Dream Body

The Bridge of Power

The 5D Frequencies

The 8 Configurations

The Intensities Thought-forms

Initiation into the Gate of Divinity

Releasing the Base Inclinations

Stepping into Power

The Teachings of Love, Love, Love

Tracking Parallel Worlds

Yoga by the Ocean

The Immortality Club's Practices activates our relationship with the Infinite and helps us clear negative energetic factors so we can gain more energy.

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