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Ignite Your Light!

Yoga and Meditation Retreat, On the Beach in Troncones, Mexico

March 22-29, 2020


Arrive either Saturday or Sunday

Gather Sunday night at Casa Kokopelli in Troncones


Daily Schedule


Day 1 March 22 Sunday: Opening Ceremony Gathering and Dinner

Day 2 March 23 Monday: The Physical Awakening: Tune In and Tone Up

7:30                            Continental Breakfast at Casa Kokopelli


8:30:                           Meditation: Setting the 'New You'  Intention with Valerie


9:30                            Moving with Intention: Terra@ Beach


10:30-2:00                 Farmer's Market/Free time/Lunch /Siesta


2:00                            Energizing the Physical Body: Rules of engagement, Group Balance                                        Clearing past shocks  and traumas, Brain Gym exercises, Protection

                                    Mortality Programming. The Meridians Dance with Valerie @ Yoga   



4:00                            Terra Restorative yoga class@ Yoga Pavilion


5:30                            Ocean and pool time/ boogie boarding/ sunset beach walks/                                     showers/ sunset viewing

7:00                            Dinner out @ Present Moment


Day 3 March 24 Tuesday: Tuning Into the Self


7:30- 8:30                  Continental Breakfast at Casa Kokopelli


8:30:                           Meditation: Tuning Into the Feeling Body Valerie @ Yoga Pavilion


9:00                            Movement for feeling/music/ dance Terra @Yoga Pavilion


10:30                          Clearing the Emotional Body: Clearing past emotions  clearing                                    emotional timelines, learning to co-listen, Create sacred space to                                    process. Healing the inner child: Valerie@Yoga Pavilion


1:00                             Lunchtime/Free time Siesta/ Treatments


4:00                            Golden 8 Qi Gong: Terra @ Yoga Pavilion


5:30                            Ocean and pool time/ boogie boarding/ sunset beach walks/                                     showers/ sunset viewing


7:00                            Dinner out, Our Choice


Day 4: March 25 Weds. Harnessing the Mind for Self Empowerment


7:30- 8:30                  Continental Breakfast at Casa Kokopelli


8:30                           Meditation : Breathe into Silence Valerie@Yoga Pavilion


9:00                            Yoga/ Movement to Still the Mind Terra @ Yoga Pavilion


10:30                          Mental Body: Observing thoughts. The dangers of judging others,                                     stopping internal dialogue. Logging onto your ideal self.                                                          Journal on your ideal manifestation of self. activate declaratives              .                           Valerie@Yoga Pavilion

12:30                           Catered Lunch@ Casa Kokopelli


1:30                             Free time Siesta/ Treatments


4:00                            Community acupuncture with journey Terra/Valerie @ Yoga      


5:30                            Ocean and pool time/ boogie boarding/ sunset beach walks 


7:00                            Dinner out: Flamenco Guitar Concert

Day 5 March 26 Thurs: Soul as Guiding Force


7:30- 8:30                  Continental Breakfast at Casa Kokopelli


8:30                           Beach Yoga/ Movement/Mudra Dance: Terra/Valerie


10:00                          Connect to your Soul. Seeing soul lessons. The Nature of                                                             Power. Energizing your powers. Turning lessons into blessings.                                    Win or learn. Your purpose here. Actualizing your true self.

                                   Valerie@Yoga Pavilion


12:30                          Lunchtime/Free time Siesta/ Treatments


4:00                           Restorative/Gentle yoga/Chanting: Terra @ Yoga Pavilion                     


5:00                           Vegetarian Cooking Class with Leela


7:00                            Dinner @ Leela's followed by Dance of 5 rhythms


Day 6 March 27 Friday: Dreaming the New You


7:30- 8 :30                  Continental Breakfast at Casa Kokopelli      


8:30                            Mudra Meditation for Dreaming: Valerie@Yoga Pavilion


10:00                          Dream/Quantum Body: What is the dream/quantum body? How                                                   to use dreams as clues to your unconscious. Energizing the                                                       Dream body for manifesting your dreams. How to dream the new                                     you. Express the New You Dance. Valerie@Yoga Pavilion


12:30                           Lunchtime/Free time Siesta/ Treatments            


4:30                            Movement Yoga to the Goddess Pools: Ritual of Rebirth: Terra

7:00                            Taxi to Dinner @ Jardin del Eden/ Salsa dancing


Day 7 March 28 Saturday: The Heart: Committing to Loving Empowerment


7:30                            Continental Breakfast at Casa Kokopelli      


8:30                           Gazing from the Heart Meditation: Sending Love to the Planet

                                  Terra/Valerie @ Yoga Pavilion


10:00                         Heart: Opening to love, connecting to nature. Loving your self,                                              the Self. Journeying to love self unconditionally. Expressing                                    your self in journal or on paper. Valerie @ Yoga Pavilion


12:30                           Lunchtime/Free time Siesta/ Treatments


2:00                            Cacao Ceremony with Adriana Gonzales


5:30                            Ocean and pool time/ boogie boarding/ sunset beach walks                  


7:00                            Dinner: Last Night Celebration


Day 8 March 29 Sunday: Launching the New YOU on to Planet!


9-10:30                      Closing Ceremony: For the Good of ALL


10:30- 11:30                Brunch Closing Breakfast Catered @ Casa Kokopelli


Noon on:               Pack and get taxi to airport


Dr. Girard will offer energetic healing sessions for discovering soul purpose or clearing blocks to empowerment. In addition, she will be available for consultation on physical conditions and emotional health issues.


Terra Gold will be available, by request, for acupuncture and energetic healing as well as consultation for health conditions and yoga practices.


Cacao ceremony

This beautiful heart opening ceremony is offered at a seaside location, on a private, covered open-air yoga pavilion by Adriana Gonzales. After consuming a delicious cup of cacao, enhanced with other herbs, we will recline and open ourselves to journey into our hearts for self guidance as Adriana provides a sound and rhythm background.


Vegetarian Cooking Class

We will walk to Leela Francis’s special open-air kitchen and learn how to prepare gorgeous food, upon which we will dine and then dance with the stars.


Community Acupuncture

Terra will provide special treatment with the backdrop of sound and guided meditation as we recline and journey together in a community healing ceremony.

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