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The Immortality Club offers  evolutionary Meditation technology for accelerating personal spiritual growth
that all may participate in Earth's upgrade  to 5D Reality

Immortality Club Meditation Practices and Courses

The Immortality Club was founded to offer succinct spiritual practices for the modern meditator so that practitioners could gather to meditate to enhance their personal spiritual consciousness and to apply that awareness towards upgrading and healing the planet from its attachment to Maya.

​This group meets six times per month: Monday mornings and the evenings of the New and Full Moons.  Learn More....


with the Christalis Code Cards

Upgrade to 7D  consciousness with these Avatar Frequencies to  enhance Planetary Healing Work


With the  PHH Healing Disks

Increases energy, clears negative energy and offers protection. 

Imagine learning a code that provides paths to self-awareness, to beauty and to unconditional that enhances the known, dips into the unknown and imagines the incalculable. This is the spirit and essence of the Christalis Code. The 20 Christalis Avatars are the source of 20 cosmic frequencies, each presenting a specific navigational path to Source energy.  Any or all of these paths serve to unwind the ego and unveil the Divine Self. You may recognize several of the 20 Christalis Avatars such as Christos, Buddha, Tara, Gaia, Shekinah and Sanat Kumara. The Christalis Code is the energetic language of these 20 Avatars, with each symbol's ability to transmit their powerful frequencies.  Together, they form a spiritual language that enhances and accelerates our spiritual evolution. Learn More...   

We have observed that those sensitive to energy are often affected by external planetary forces. Solar flares, cosmic debris, alternative realities  can affect our world even as the energetic components of this world are rapidly changing as Time and Space are shifting.  There are twenty of these highly active disks, specifically formulated to protect, energize and balance all aspects of the healer and their clients. The deck includes  a detailed instructional manual for their application. These healing disks were channeled and created to protect and assist our own group of meditators as well as other healers, energy workers, shamans and those who are working on their own spiritual evolution.  Learn More...

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