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Gathering Energy for Your Spiritual Evolution

Sleeping and eating are the human equivalent of energy gathering exercises. The real problem is that, at the end of the day, we are generally exhausted. If we have not engaged in other energy gathering exercises, we have less than optimum attention for observing thoughts and emotional reactions to the world around us. Without this ability to observe these two components of daily living, we become reactionary beings, creating karma faster than we can resolve it. And we suffer. Our egos and personalities get 'hurt', producing a fugue or illusionary consciousness that inhibits our ability to be intuitive, to heal, to manifest our intentions and to better ourselves in a challenging world.

The concept of the need to gather energy to spiritually evolve may be new to some. We may intuit that we have to 'let go' of our emotional and mental issues in order to be more spiritual. However, in this information age, when information is doubling every second, we now need more than a few therapy sessions to be better beings. Meditation alone may not be enough if we are actually 'in' the world as well as 'of' it. Spiritual beings are no longer living in caves or monasteries. They are in 9-5 jobs, raising families, and being out there in the world.

To evolve on 'the Path' and to accelerate the pace of our spiritual evolution requires now, more than ever, renewed energy and commitment. We must grab moments, here and there to perform practices that assist us in gaining both energy and awareness to evolve at the same rate that the Universe is expanding.....which continues to accelerate by the minute.

YES! Our evolution is tied to the Universe, and science and physics and the quantum field and humanity itself.

It is no longer enough to evolve for oneself, but for the planet, for each other and for the Universal Field of Awareness. We are part of the Sea of Awareness. Many of us are called to align with its expansion and....the Oneness. It is with the ONENESS that we realize our Self - as a manifestation of all that is.

Many are called, some have the ENERGY to listen and respond to that call. All that respond will be afforded the exquisite secrets of the Universe and how it has come to be. What a privilege this is - and indeed, so necessary for as many as possible to WAKE UP to who they truly are in this realm of that this reality can continue to be the gorgeous palace of learning that it is for all beings.

Practitioners have used the PHH Healing Disks in their meditations and in their healing journey. Simple to use, they entrain your energy body to upload and boost your energy so that you have more the Now. Pictured are just two of the Healing Disks. Manual included.

Frequency Booster 19.jpg
Free Energy Uploading 19.jpg
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