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What are Encodes?

At this time, the Avatars are offering us insights into how we create our reality and the path to transitioning into a higher vibrating reality. These offerings come in the form of Encodes, which are vibrational formulas that enact upon our reality field to produce a subtle and gradual awakening of awareness. These Encodes are practiced by holding the individual mudras of three different Christalis Avatars in a specific order. These three vibrational offerings are an energetic sentence that steers our energy body towards the shift in awareness.

It's easy! Just hold each mudra for 1-20 minutes to experience the impact of the Encode. The message that is offered daily is brought through Dr. Girard as she enacts the mudras that day. The messages are easy to understand and done in any order. This means if you are just joining us, you can go to past Encodes and experience them for yourself. It may be best to start a bit back if you are not following what is being encoded in this moment. 

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