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Are there times when you feel emotionally stuck? Do you have feelings that have plagued you your whole life? Do you always feel undesireable feelings around certain people or want to elevate your feelings to a higher vibration? The Art of Emotional Clearing offers an elegant way to free up your awareness by releasing negative emotions that keep you out of the moment.  PanHarmonic Healing revolutionizes emotional healing, bringing more spiritual health to your life by giving you the tools to clear yourself, your clients and your loved ones. By identifying Emotional Programs, you  can understand how your are storing long held emotions that prevent you from freely being in the present. 





Emotions are energy-in-motion. They are responses to life as it happens to us. They are also the response we have to what we sense energetically, both consciously and unconsciously.

As emotions flow through us, there is a release of energy. Often behind that energy, another energy follows. We may feel relieved, open, relaxed, spent or having a new understanding. With a new understanding comes an upgrade to a positive emotion. In this flow of positive emotion, we can be flow in a co-creative state, empowering our intent and uplifting those around us. Think of how the world would be if everyone were able to process emotional responses in a responsible manner.

It is indeed possible to express our emotions in a healthy manner. Marshall Rosenburg has successfully outlined a way to express our emotions in a healthy way in his work in
Non Violent Communication. His premise is that we have the ability to honestly express our observations, feelings, needs and requests. By observing our reactions, feeling our emotional response and expressing those feelings with “I feel…” statements, we take full responsibility for our experience on the planet. When we take responsibility for our feelings i.e. “right now a I am feeling anger”, instead of saying, “you make me angry”, we then have a 100% possibility to express and release any negative emotions that we experience in life. It is very powerful to completely own our feelings as our own. As we express and release our negative emotions, we can then upgrade to the positive emotions of love, peace and joy

When we stop ourselves from experiencing and expressing our emotions in a healthy way, several things can happen. Repressed emotions can cause us to feel depressed, anxious, overwhelmed or shut down. More importantly, when we are unable to completely express our emotional feelings, we will unconsciously express them either by projecting them onto others, by creating events that mirror the experience that produced that feeling or even create health issues that will be an attempt of our body to bring these unexpressed emotions to our attention.

When we manifest health issues that do not resolve easily or reoccurring events that are negative in our lives, we must look into our unconscious being and ask if there are emotional issues that need to be resolved. The body never lies!

Because we have sublimated so many emotional experiences from the past, we have a storehouse of uncleared emotions hanging around in our subconscious and unconscious minds. They are waiting to be experienced and expressed. If we fail to explore our stored unexpressed emotions, we will unconsciously create circumstances that bring up those feelings.  This will continue to reoccur until we have identified them, felt them and let them go

The question remains on how can we let go of an emotion that is not serving us. This is the beauty of PanHarmonic Healing and the Art of Emotional Healing. PanHarmonic Healing allows you to identify that you need to release a negative emotion.  We can identify many different types of emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear, resentment, dis-empowered etc. More interestingly, there are 20 different ways that we store emotions. We can be attached to an emotion or we can chronically live with that emotion. We may still be resonating with emotions that happened in childhood. We may be holding ourselves captive in an emotion that is connected to future events. We may hold core emotions or even resonate with the Collective Unconscious. Even our Soul records emotions.

How it Works: The beauty of PanHarmonic Healing is that it allows you to determine how you are holding emotions in your unconscious self and to clear these on your own. So many of us see healing practitioner to help us with clearing negative energies. What if we could do that ourselves by learning an easy, methodical protocol?

We call these ways of storing emotions Emotional Programs. Each Emotional Program has a corresponding point on the body. Emotional Programs are identified by touching these points on the body and testing any muscle, which goes weak when the proper Emotional Program is identified.

Once you have identified the Emotional Program, you then identify the emotion being held. The Body Code Point or BCP identifies which emotion, i.e. anger, sadness, guilt, fear etc are being held. By holding both points simultaneously and breathing, the emotion plays out, like a song and evaporates, often in minutes. We then apply a healing protocol to our Emotional Body. This is to restore it to its proper function: being a vehicle for the flow of our responses to the universe. These healing protocols are designed to bring more awareness and continuity to our beings.

Why Clear our Emotions? Why is this important to heal our Emotional Body? As co-creators on the planet, we gain access to this process through a high vibrating emotional vehicle. If we are manifesting our heart’s desires, then we will usually be in a high emotional vibration. This allows us to be a match for what it is that we wish to create. If we are stuck in low emotional vibration, we will not be able to create positive experiences and things in our life.

The Art of Emotional Healing Creed

  • We acknowledge the need to check and clear any emotions or emotional blocks that did not clear either in our day or in our past. We may feel the emotional block or know that there may be more work to do from our past.
  •  We screen for the need by checking our emotional screen either in the clear or in relation to an event from the near or distant past. We may also have an intent to manifest that brings up an emotional response.
  •  We then identify which feeling we are holding in our consciousness.
  •  We follow the release protocol by holding the appropriate points on the body.
  •  We respect our feelings as a barometer that lets us know if we are getting what we want. We actively feel them and then let them move through our field.
  •  We commit to identifying and replacing chronic negative emotions with positive vibrations.
  •  We do our very best to not project our feelings onto others.
  •  We realize that emotions are our buffers between our energy body and the worlds that we cannot always see or feel. We look to them for learning about our inner selves.
  • We commit to evolving so that we may not only raise our own vinration but also the vibration of the planet.

It means that we understand that in every event happening to us, there is a lesson or a blessing from the universe.

Ultimately, emotions are vibrations. The more positive the vibration is, the higher its frequency. The higher the frequency is, the more power is available to the individual flowing with that vibration. The more individuals who can hold a high vibration, the sooner we will have more ENLIGHTENMENT, PEACE AND JOY ON THIS PLANET.

In our initial level of learning, The Art of Emotional Healing, we learn that just as emotions are energy-in-motion, we also learn that this any negative emotions can be dissipated with ease and replaced with high vibrating thoughts and feelings.

In The Art of Emotional Clearing we learn to distinguish how we are holding emotions and what emotions are truly being held in our beings. We distinguish between attached emotions, chronic, childhood, future and past life as well as many other ways that we hold onto feelings that are not serving us. By distinguishing these emotional holding programs, we can apply knowledge to healing them on a truly deep and complete level.

The Workshop:

The emphasis in this workshop is on taking the first steps in becoming manifesters of positive vibrations so that we can intend and create beauty, abundance, love and peace. We cannot do this if we consciously or unconsciously are holding onto negative emotions for days, weeks or years. We have the power to heal our own bodies. Healers both ancient and modern have learned that the body can be healed by touch. Let us teach you how to heal yourself. Sign up for the workshop 

or email us with your questions at  Enjoy!

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