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The Many Faces of the Goddess


Depth Reality, the third realm, is so named because there is an increasing sense of depth of Self, as the practitioner activates these levels of awareness. There is also a feeling of deepening into pure Goddess energy. These are the Sacred Mysteries, closely guarded in times of suppression of the Feminine.

The Divine Feminine allows us to feel who we are as Divine beings. We crave a connection to the purest, most loving Mother energy because we so deeply desire to be complete. In our completion, we see both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine come together in what is called the Sacred Marriage. It is the dance of these two energies that creates the continuing evolution of the Oneness.

In considering the path to the fullest expression of the Divine Mother, there are many expressions that connect us to this energy. PanHarmonic Healing recognizes seventy-eight levels of depth beingness, each level expressing in over twenty individual attunements. These expressions of Depth Reality are a continuation of the twenty-two levels of the Unconscious Realm. Combined they have one hundred levels of depth expression all leading the practitioner into the infinite Grace of the Divine Mother.

Statue of Indian Goddess

Each of these levels of awareness is a journey into our Deeper self, a journey of magic, blessings, mystery, divine qualities, sacred truths, gates, creation and so much more. These mysteries are so deeply familiar, yet so uncharted. They exist in a perfect grid, easily accessed by the practitioner who is ready to received the blessings of the Divine Feminine.

The longing in our hearts will only be satisfied when we make contact with this deepest reflection of who we are. These ministrations are felt and experienced as blessings and initiations, in body and Soul.

Seventy-seven levels of mystery, magic, blessings and journeys unfold into the one-hundredth level of Depth Reality: the I AM Feminine. Here, twenty expressions of the Divine Mother embrace the practitioners who are ready to embody the Goddess.

It is our responsibility, as spiritual men and women, to bring through the Goddess onto earth plane reality whenever we are called to do so. It is both an honor and an accomplishment to open our channels to allow the Divine to surge through us and to embody one or more of Her divine qualities of Love, Grace, Peace, Innocence, Freedom and Harmony. To become these qualities is both a gift from and to the Goddess Herself. Most importantly, at this time, it is a gift to the planet. Each being who is able to hold the Divine energies within their being elevates the frequency of all beings on this planet.

Panharmonic healing: Depth Reality

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