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The Immortality Club

Planetary healing meditations

Fulfilling the Purpose of the Immortality Club:

New Moon and Full Moon Planetary Healing Meditations

The Immortality Club was created to train practitioners to realize their true self while living in the modern world. so that they might be of service for the good of all.

45 years ago, Dr. Girard was introduced into a form of meditation where the goal was to evolve as the Soul and to work for the good of all as World Servers. Upon graduating from Chiropractic school, she returned to Santa Barbara, where she was called to initiate a meditation group of like-minded practitioners.

Over the last 40 years, she has hosted many meditation groups in her home and now on Zoom, some meeting twice weekly. Feeling a great need on the planet, she is now offering New Moon and Full Moon meditations, as well as more ceremonial meditations at the Solstices and the three spring spiritual festivals: the Christ Full Moon, the Wesak Moon honoring Buddha's return to the earth plane and the Festival of Humanity in June.

More recently, these groups have served to bring through powerful energies and intentions that have then played out on the world theater. Their aim is to work with higher frequencies that wish to mitigate the turmoil and planetary challenges that humanity now faces.


There has never been a greater need for planetary healing groups around the world to work together at these sacred times of going within.

Each practitioner is empowered to bring their innate spiritual frequency to the energetic field that is held by Dr. Girard. Together, all practitioners become a conduit for extra-planetary frequencies to come through onto the World grid to empower and inspire humanity towards conscious consideration, unity, equanimity and kindness.

Dr. Girard never plans these channelings, leaving the direction of the work to be done to Higher Powers. She will however offer context to the work that is evolving, based on her daily downloads from the Christalis Avatars and her Higher Self.

Her focus is now 'For the Good of All' and wishes to empower anyone who is aligned with that intent. Let her know what you are thinking: drvegirard@panharmonic.comom

There is never a charge for these meditation offerings, which now take place on Zoom and are open to international students and practitioners. Email the Immortality Club to receive Zoom log-in.

New Moons

January 12, Tues, 7PM

February 10, Weds 7PM

March 12, 7PM

April 11, 7PM

May 11, 7PM

June 9, 7PM

July 10, noon

August 8, 7PM

Sept 5, 7PM

October 6, 7PM

November 3, 7PM

December 3, 7PM

Winter Solstice, 7PM


Full Moons

January 27, , 7PM

February 26,  7PM

March 28, 7PM

April 26, 5PM

May 26, 7PM

June 23, 7PM

July 23, 7PM

August 22, 5PM

Sept 19, 5PM

October 20, 7PM

November 19, 7PM

December 18, 7PM

Winter Solstice, 7PM

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