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The Immortality Club

Waking up is easy to do….it just takes practice(s!).

2021 Immortality Class Schedule

Free Introduction to the Immortality Club

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Immortality Club, Trimester 1

Initiating/Enhancing Intuition

Learn to consistently connect instantly to Universal Knowingness to allow the UK to guide your life path with ease and grace.

2. Activating Energetic Protection

7 ways to foster good boundaries and procure energetic protection in all environments.


3. Initiating Quantum Awareness

Discover the energetic 'You' for advanced healing and spiritual evolution capacity through dimensional awareness.

4. Energy Gathering for Evolution, Healing and Actualization

Techniques for generating the extra energy needed to accelerate healing and evolution

***(Add-on movement workshop from noon-2pm for additional tuition)

5. Initiating Avatar Frequencies into Personal Energy Field

Techniques for gathering 'extra' energy and spiritual awareness - in the moment - to facilitate ease and grace in everyday life.

6. Erasing the Personal Story

Outlining the 8 ways the Personal Story is held in the human configuration and how to recognize and release them to free up personal energy for ascension.

7. Activating Personal Spiritual Purpose

The qualities of being a Spiritual Warrior, working for the good of All so that one might master the self to realize the True Self, in every moment.

8. Releasing Illusion and Reality Locks.

Attending to that which keeps us bound to this reality. Maya and Reality Lock: to tracking and release your Galactic Paradigm with Re-encodes. 

This trimester now available ONLINE! Register for first trimester of the Immortality Club here,




Immortality Club Trimester 2

Live on these dates:

 9. Vibrational Keys to the Kingdom

May 6, 7-9PM.

Using vibrational keys and powerful mantras to affect shifts in the Quantum.


10. Controller’s Matrix and the 8 Rings of Power Over

May 22, 10-noon.

Introduction to the over-lighting controlling presence in/on Density Reality and how to disengage to thrive in life…second intro to the Totality Body.


11. Mastering the Moment Part 1.

June 3, 7-9.

Releasing the human configurations of ego, personality, addiction and the circular mind. The Wheel of Karma.


12. Mastering the Moment Part 2.

June 19, 10-noon.

Observing the self, perpetual indulgences of ego, reality lLocks. Jumping into the Void.


Summer break – Happy 4th!


13. Mastering the Moment Part 3

July 15, 7-9 PM.

The Shadow, confronting Denial, Base Inclinations, and the Bridge of Power.


14. The Cauldron. Activating the Power from Within

July 31, 10-noon.

Clearing the Base Inclinations. Initiation: opening the Gate of Divinity


15. The Dreambody and the Adujentes

August 12, 7-9PM.

Introduction to the 4 states of Dreaming. Harvesting Energy from the Dream.


16. Energy Trackers and Dreamers

August 28, 10-noon.

Are you a tracker or a dreamer? Keys to tracking to the Dreambody. Utilizing dreaming attention for rejuvenation of the physical and etheric body.

This trimester now available ONLINE! Register for second trimester of the Immortality Club here,


IC Trimester 3

The Totality Body into 5D

Dr. Valerie Girard


September 9, 7-9PM

17. The 20 Parallel and Alternate Worlds. Gateways to the New Earth


September 25, 10AM-12PM

18. Lucidity in Seeing. Being in Dreaming through the Totality Body


October 7, 7-9PM

19. The Fluidity Ring. Grace and Flow in Time/Space and Dreaming


October 23, 10AM-12PM

20. Tracking The Multi-Dimensional Self. Processing the multi-dimensional Self in all 4 bodies for health, vibrancy and Self-Realization.


November 4, 7-9PM

21. Perilous Parallel Worlds and the Keys to Dissolving Their Influence. Tracking the counter frequencies to evolution into Transcendence and resolving their influence.


November 20, 10AM-12PM

22. The Act of Surrender. Vessel or a Channel? Opening to the Divine Mother/Father.


December 2, 7-9PM

23. The Gate of Divinity. the 12 Sectors of the Divine Mother’s Initiations


December 16, 7-9PM

24. Initiation into 5D. Engaging with the 5D overtones in preparation for the New Earth.

Testimonies from IC Practitioner

Since 2008 I have been a student of Dr. Valerie Girard and PanHarmonic Healing and have also been a member of several of Dr. Girard’s continuing classes, with the most current being the Immortality Club. The profound effect this work has had on my spiritual evolution is hard to put into concise words. The teachings, healing protocols, energetic clearing and energy- building maneuvers have been powerful life tools I’ve utilized throughout these past 12 years. While the information and processes Dr. Girard teaches require a willingness to allow one’s deepest knowing to surface and drive the work, once that surrender takes place, the personal spiritual journey becomes intensely enhanced to the level one decides to engage. For me, I connected to the work immediately and have witnessed countless experiences where I see how this work facilitates manifestation of my intent in a more expedient and impactful way. More specifically, by using energetic clearing and in combination energy building, I’ve seen obstacles fall away and opportunities appear in perfect timing to allow me to propel myself forward on my path. While this is a spiritual practice, the benefits of this work shows up in all aspects of the total life journey. All it requires is an open mind, a willingness to awaken to the soul’s spiritual memory bank and the commitment to adopt the practice at whatever level aligns with one’s personal journey. This is what I have done and I can emphatically say this work has become the foundation for how I traverse my path and what miracles are possible along the way.

-M. Rivera

Molecules Bio

The Immortality Club's practices activates our relationship with the Infinite and helps us clear negative energetic factors so we can 

gain more energy to spiritually evolve.

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