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The Immortality Club Teachings

Learn effective energetic techniques for

accelerating  your evolution

Teachings of the immortality club

The Immortality Club teaches you techniques that cull energy from alternate sources for enhanced clarity of soul purpose, psychic ability, increased energy, accelerated vibrancy, improved health and well being. It employs ancient practices for a modern world.

The Immortality Club was created to offer teachings and practices based on ancient wisdom, but geared for the modern spiritual seekers and practitioner and their busy lifestyle.

Dr. Girard recognizes the need for accelerated learning as humanity strives to resolve planetary issues such as global warming, race and income inequality, poverty and the polarization of the masses as a means of control. She has been blessed with the ability to download these practices on a daily basis and offers them to both students and patients alike, as needed.

Her  primary intention now is to train and initiate a significant group of practitioners who can then work together in the quantum to shift reality in a meaningful way....for the good of all beings. Time is of the essence, we must awaken now.

IC Practitioner Testimony

I started working with Dr. Girard and the IC group almost 3 years ago. My IC experience has been very profound. The work has a subtle way of guiding from the inside out. 

The practice's have strengthened my personal energy, helped me to direct my intent and develop more authentic personal power. These are invaluable tools to anyone wanting to be of service on the planet at this time.

- T. Russo


Some of the Teachings of the Immortality Club


Initiation into Soul Purpose

Energetic Protection

Cultivating Extra Energy to Evolve

The Christalis Code

The Nature Of Maya/Illusion

The Daily Encodes Mudra Meditations

The 8M Process for Energy Gathering

Upgrading the Human Configuration

Abolishing the Controller’s Mind

Activating the Dream Body

Energizing the Purpose Body

The Bridge of Power

The 5D Frequencies

Initiation into the Gate of Divinity

Re-configuring the Base Inclinations

Stepping into Personal Power

Tracking the Parallel Worlds

The Teachings of Love, Love, Love

Schedule of Current Classes

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