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Christalis Code Cards & Deck

The Christalis Avatar Cards were designed personally by Dr. Valerie Girard to enable all spiritual practitioners.  They may be used as meditation guides and as anchors for spiritual frequencies to be present in our everyday lives. In short, they are a modern tool that utilizes ancient concepts and practices to imbued sacred frequencies into our energy field.

Jesus became Christed, Siddhartha was imbued with Buddhic consciousness. They became the spiritual guidance for bringing love and wisdom into the hearts and souls of mankind.

In all, there are 20 Avatar frequencies that can be called into the human energy field. The cards serve to instruct: they contain the mark, the mudra, mantras and vibrational keys to activate these sacred frequencies. However, they can also be combined to form Encodes. Three cards are chosen purposefully or randomly and the mudras are practiced in a specific order. The cards are then placed on one's altar to hold these frequencies in place throughout the day..

The cards also detail a specific five-part path to the sacred fulfillment of that particular Avatar frequency. These pathways are meditations in themselves and hold enormous power.

They can then be used as  a form of guidance on our human path of evolution. Vibrational keys are included to be included in meditation and internal chanting.

These accompany The Book of Daily Encodes which will be coming out in 2021. This will offer 100+ daily mudra  meditations  to accelerate and enhance your personal spiritual evolution towards Self-Realization.

For example, engage each of these mudras for 3-5 minutes each and you will enkindle the vibration of


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