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learn the Christalis code Hand Mudras

and ignite the higher frequencies


What are hand mudras?


Mudras (Sanskrit for attitude or gesture) are sacred hand positions that have been used for millennia to attune the consciousness of humans to certain energetic or divine frequencies.  Buddhists, Hindu and other cultures utilized mudras to communicate a thought, a mood, a spiritual flow or a specific teaching to students and practitioners.


Mudras are thought to act on the energetic aspect of human consciousness by establishing a direct communication with cosmic and divine forces. Over the centuries, they have developed as a form of spiritual sign language meant to invoke specific energy states for meditation and spiritual contemplation.

How do mudras work?


The fingers of the hand are intensely wired with nerve endings, that, when they interact with each other or the reflex zones on the hand, the brain and, subsequently, consciousness is activated. These reflex zones are connected to various organs and parts of the brain, which act as a keyboard into unlocking the body’s healing capacity. In addition, many of the body’s meridians run through the fingers and connect to organ systems for physical and emotional healing.


The Christalis Mudras were discovered over many years and are mirrored in some of the world’s spiritual practices. They originated from a system of movements called the Christalis Activations, which activate the cosmic frequencies of the Christalis Frequencies into the energetic system of the practitioner. The mudras serve as a short hand to bring through the specific Christalis frequency without engaging in the movement series. The movements evoke powerful feelings and gradually empower your  energy body. Practitioners report a stronger connection to their spiritual nature, more harmony, balance and open-heartedness. These mudras are meant to augment any other spiritual practice. These movements are specifically designed to formulate a strengthened energy field able to hold the powerful energies that are becoming  more available to spiritual practitioners.

How the christalis hand mudras differ from other mudras

While some mudras are single handed, the Christalis mudras are always double handed. While some Christalis mudras are practiced stationary, some utilize small movements to enhance the frequency flows. They can be practiced sitting, standing or laying down.    

Each of the 20  Christalis Code Mudras intimately links us to individual cosmic frequencies that emanate from frequencies both in this world and beyond. Each frequency encompasses a breadth of teachings that activate and direct a pathway to awakened awareness. 

Learn the Daily Encodes: Three-Mudra Meditation

The Encodes use three mudras in combination to bring through evolutionary frequencies into the practitioner's life. While often invoked daily, they can be activated as needed, according to each individual’s path. Each Encode utilizes three Avatar frequencies in a specific order to invoke a specific lesson into the practitioner’s field.  With three frequencies used together, like a chord in music,  the encode produces a vibrational frequency that initiates a specific spiritual lesson or blessing in your life. There are over three hundred daily encodes that you can practice.

Activating an Encode is as easy as assuming three Christalis Code mudras in a specific order. Pictures of the mudras, the frequencies’ specific quality and a corresponding symbol accompany each Encode lesson. The lesson then presents a meditation and guidance towards attracting this spiritual quality into your life.   LEARN MORE....

work with the christalis code card deck to accelerate your spiritual healing

a deck of two sided cards with each avatar's mudra, mantra and intent

PHH Cards Complete 3.5245.jpg

See our video below where Dr. Girard uses the Christalis Code mudras at the Great Pyramid in Egypt to Activate these frequencies into the Pyramids

Mudra Dance at The Great Pyramid:

Mudra Dance at The Great Pyramid:

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