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Clearing energetic disturbances  can accelerate healing, improve health and your emotional

& spiritual well being, freeing you.​

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Emotional clearing: freedom from the past

If you have had a shock or trauma in your life that continues to resonate in your nervous system, creating negative thoughts,  negative energy, a looping mind, depression,  or reduced physical function as a result from trauma, etc,  Dr. Girard has developed energetic protocols  that can clear these issues both in the deep psycho-energetic levels buried in the body's emotional system. The results are immediate, far reaching and long lasting.

Dr, Girard has researched and composed a compendium of treatments that address physical, functional, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. She has taught this work, known as PanHarmonic Healing, for its far reaching effects on the human body and psyche.  The use of energetic medicine can clear emotional and energetic blocks enabling your body and spirit to move into a new realm of healing. She has treated thousands of patients for:  

  • Personal Emotional Clearing

  • Removal of Shock and Trauma

  • Medical Intuitive Reading

  • Manifesting Your Intentions 

  • Accelerating Your Spiritual Evolution

  • Increase Your Health and Stamina 

  • Assist You to see into Your Energetic Continuum

  • Introduce You to the Divine Avatars

  • Assist You in Discovering  Your Spiritual Destiny

  • Chakra Imbalances

  • Residual Childhood Emotions

  • Spiritual Imbalances


1 hour skype or internet live session:  $150.00

(Please make an appointment first & return here to pay)

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Stressed Woman

Dr. Girard has specific intuitive gifts, which she uses to see beyond the physical body and to read what is most needed in the life for optimum growth on all levels. She has practiced these intuitive arts for over 25 years.

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