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The Origins of the PanHarmonic Healing
and the Immortality Club
Dr. Valerie Girard

Dr. Valerie Girard has practiced chiropractic care  and energetic healing in Santa Barbara, California for over 35 years. During that time, she has treated patients using chiropractic, nutrition and energetic medicine. Throughout her practice, she has developed unique, practical healing techniques to treat a myriad of health issues holistically. In addition to her chiropractic practice, she currently teaches PanHarmonic Healing, meditation, yoga and Immortality Club courses in Santa Barbara.  Dr. Girard work has been influenced by a variety of her teachers including Ben and Sara Colimore, George Goodheart, DC, Victor Frank DC, Robert Sharp, DC, Carlos Castaneda, Gabrielle Roth, Lynn Andrews, Harley Swift Deer, Brook Medicine Eagle and Rachel Rosenthal.


Valerie's personal intent is to empower all people to empower other's personal evolution, for the good of all beings on the planet.

The Origin of PanHarmonic Healing

In April of 1988 a series of intuitive energetic 'downloads' began to come directly into Dr. Girard consciousness on a daily basis. This continued steadily until 1992 , From this body of work, Dr. Girard developed a entire paradigm of healing technology called PanHarmonic Healing or "PHH", organized in over 5000 levels of consciousness as the Five Realms of Consciousness. This technology became a map of awareness for the purpose of delving deeper into both the sacred mysteries and divine laws. Called the Book of Unfoldment, this map of consciousness provides a step-by-step process for any practitioner to accelerate their own path of evolution into Self-Realization. Each level of consciousness exists as an increasingly subtle vibration towards manifested divine consciousness.


On January 1, 2005, while in a deep meditation, six Avatars made their presence known to Dr. Girard.. They presented and clarified the specific meaning and relationship of Their individual symbols to the ongoing spiritual processes that would be revealed in future meditations and downloads. They were initiating Dr. Girard into the very beginning of the Christalis Code and the Immortality Club. Over the course of the next two years, 20 Avatars in total presented both symbols and movement exercises to ground their frequencies into the planet. The Christ, Buddha, Gaia, Tara and Sanat Kumara were just six of the 20 Christalis Avatars who were the initiators for both PHH and what would become the Immortality Club.


Dr. Girard continued to receive powerful information to enhance evolution towards Self-Actualization. In 2014, she received a clear message to formalize these teachings and call it The Immortality Club. Recognizing the planetary need for human awakening, she began the process of organizing the teachings into a succinct course that would initiate practitioners onto their own Path of Totality towards Self-Actualization, or awakening 6D consciousness.

The Immortality Club now offers a step-by-step course that includes the 8M Process to enhanced personal power and energy. It steers practitioners towards the source of their own divinity, knowing that they must take the necessary steps to actualize and realize their true Self through their personal Soul plan. The Immortality Club provides a focused set of tools that will allow the practitioner to intuit which tools to use on a daily basis.

PanHarmonic Healing and the Immortality Club have provided a map which has helped many practitioners and energy sensitives navigate through the complexities of energy healing and vibrational advancement.

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