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PanHarmonic Healing: The Five Realms Of Consciousness

Through PanHarmonic Healing, we learn to access the expanded states of vibration and navigate through our own path of evolution.

We are Multi-Dimensional Beings

You are a multi-dimensional being, operating in many levels of awareness. You know when you are hungry or if you are feeling an intense emotion....maybe even having a negative thought or two. But do you know when you are expanding into a higher vibration...or if you are in denial or whether your soul needs to journey to gain wisdom and healing? Do you know when it is time to receive a gift from Divinity or expand one of your inner healing gifts? What if you had a map, a guidance system, with directions that you could reference, located right inside yourself? What if, by knowing exactly what aspect of your awareness needed attention, you could exponentially speed up your evolutionary process? What if that map was inside of you, waiting to be discovered and put to use on a daily basis? 

The Five Realms of Consciousness, with their 220 levels of awareness, exist as a reflection of what is deep within us. Readily enough we can perceive ourselves reflected in the physical, emotional and mental states. Students of spiritual healing practices may have an awareness of the seven chakras. Others may be familiar with the concepts of our Shadow self, Maya (Illusion), the Void or the Collective Unconscious. Do we understand where these fields of energy fit in to our personal cosmology? Can we grasp where they relate to each other on the harmonic scale of vibration? These are all questions answered by PanHarmonic’s map of The Five Realms of Consciousness.

Many on the spiritual path experience evolving and expanding their awareness through meditation, yoga, movement and energy work. While many have guidance through a spiritual teacher, others are drawn to access their spiritual path from a number of sources. It is for these aspirants that the PanHarmonic Map is offered. 

The PanHarmonic Healing (PHH) map is divided into five realms of consciousness.

Imagine a sphere where you are located in the very middle. All around you are increasing levels of subtle energy, superimposed on each other, expanding out into the Cosmos. This describes the essence of how your energy is perceived and maintained on multiple levels of consciousness. In the Conscious Realm, you experience the physical world with your five senses. You experience the world of body functions by observing breathing, elimination, heart rate, digestion etc. You feel and express your emotions when they arise. You may even observe your thoughts, although most of our thoughts are unconscious.


These multiple levels of awareness are vibrating around you at all times, with or without your awareness. This universe of vibration affects us profoundly in all ways: our health, our mental and emotional well-being and of course, our growth as spiritual beings.


To begin the training we look to the second realm of awareness, the Unconscious Realm to balance our etheric vehicle, that which is the go between our physical and energetic or quantum self.

Level I of the PanHarmonic training Attuning Your Energy Field begins by learning to access the energy field around us using various tools. We then attune the energy field so that it functions as a bridge between normal and expanded states of awareness. The training removes past shocks and traumas and reorganizes, activates and tunes the electro-magnetic field around us. This training increases cognitive faculty, enhances our healing abilities, organizes our energy field and attunes the etheric body so that the practitioner may stay in balance in their day-to-day life. This is a critical first step on any path of evolution for spiritual awareness.


Level 2 of PanHarmonic Healing moves to the Conscious Realm, exploring the Body Code and Emotional Programs.

Through Emotional Healing, the student experiences how emotions are direct indicators of our state of awareness.  When clearing negative emotions as they arise, we learn to remain in the present moment. Emotional reactions arise from past unresolved issues that cloud our awareness.


By clearing our emotions, we can accelerate our evolution to become clear channels for higher vibrations. These two trainings alone give practitioners critical tools for accelerated learning and evolution on their spiritual path. Each new level of training expands the practitioner’s access to the map. In addition, group sessions provide advanced learning training, so that each practitioner is rewired energetically to learn more efficiently and gracefully.


The intent of PanHarmonic Healing Seminars is to provide a view into all known worlds that we have access to as humans. By understanding how we both exist in and bring through the energy of the Five Realms into this world, we expand our consciousness and the consciousness on our planet. Never has this been more important for the survival of the human consciousness.

There are progressively subtle levels of awareness within each of those five realms.

Realm 1: Conscious Realm Integrating Ordinary Reality                                     Levels 1-22

Realm 2: Unconscious Realm  Delving into Non-Local Reality                          Levels 1-22

Realm 3: Depth Reality: Journey into Depths of the Divine Feminine               Levels 23-100

Realm 4: Superconsciousness: The Sacred Laws of the Divine Masculine      Levels 23-100

Realm 5: The Sacred All: Spiritual Powers for Ascension                                     Levels 1-20

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