Powerful energies are moving into the earthplane from the 5th Dimension. They must be grounded through the human energy field.

These twelve 5D energies are activated with mantras and movements. Once activated, they may be embedded into the etheric, physical and dream bodies. The twelve 5D energies are linked to the twelve strands of 5D that make up the Divine human. Join us in activating these frequencies into your life and into this reality.

You will experience flow, miracles, inner silence and grace as you shift to the new reality. Be the change you want to manifest!

Practitioners who have dedicated themselves to the practice are noticing a clarity, flow and manifestation of pure intentions on a daily basis.

This practice assists in sleeping, dreaming, living with integrity, beingness and increases psychic awareness as well as alignment with purpose.

It will produce shifts and changes! You must be ready to shift your reality and to let go of what is not working in your life.

That said, the daytime practice will set the tone for day of manifestation and flow, where miracles are likely to happen.

The evening practice is rejuventating and both practices assist in deepening awareness while asleep.

The 5D Overtones: Part 1

Invoking the 5D Overtones, Part 2

Dreaming in 5D, Part 1

Dreaming in 5D, Part 2


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