The Christalis Mudras


Mudras are hand gestures or positions that have been used for millennia to attune the consciousness of humans to certain energetic or divine frequencies. Think of all of the depictions of Buddha, Christ, Tara, Quan Yin, Mary and other saints. They are most commonly depicted with their hands in a unique gesture.

Accordingly, the frequency of each Christalis Avatar can be invoked by a signature mudra, which when held for any length of time, will activate the cosmic energy of that Avatar within the practitioner. In the case of the Christalis Avatars, sitting quietly with the hands in a selected mudra will soon evoke a powerful energy within the practicer.

In addition, the mudras can be held in combinations of three or more that introduce other energetic frequencies into consciousness.These are called encodes as they encode specific spiritual frequencies in the awareness of the practitioner. Acting as a spiritual sign language, they can be used in a myriad of configurations to open the consciousness to the lessons of the Avatars.

The Daily Encodes are a system of meditations that can be used daily to focus the practitioner into spiritual life.There are over 140 lessons that will inspire and entrain the practitioner to observe daily spiritual evolution.

The mudras can be used to clear unharmonious resonances that arise from daily life. They can also be used to heal and to enlighten.

In short, they are a very powerful way to engage with the Christalis Avatars and to learn how to hold the highest cosmic offerings of each of the Avatars.


 Copyright 2008- 2012  by Dr. Valerie E Girard


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