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Persue this store to purchase an energetic healing session with Dr. Valerie Girard, a webinar or a PanHarmonic Healing Disk.

The energetic healing session are usually 1 hour in length and will address a number of health or energetic issues. Many use this to heal from trauma or to evolve into their next level of awakening.

The Daily Encode Course is a day-by-day spiritual evolution process that is simple and easy to use. It is encouraged that each new practitioner study and utilize the Encodes in their evolutionary process.

Webinars are conducted several times a year and are lovely ways to connect with the energies of the Christalis Avatars.

The PanHarmonic  Healing Disks can be used on the body or installed in a healing room. They are often used in meditation, one at a time or in groupings of three. They are virtual powerful frequency modulators that link to actual Cosmic Disks and are gifts to humans in their evolutionary path back to their original state of ONENESS. Using the Christalis Code as activating agents, they combine the vibrational elements of gemstones, precious metals and universal elements, aligned to emit a specific power to protect and empower the healer and meditator.

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Please note: Shipping and handling is included in the price of all healing disks.. California sales tax added California residents.



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