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Please feel free to share your comments and use of the Healing Disks of Zoran. Since this technology is just being released to the public, we know that your experiences will help other practitioners. Your experiences with the Healing Disks are important to us.


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Patricia Langdoc, MA Energy Psychology Counselor on October 13, 2009 at 8:30 PM said:

A client was encountering several difficult life issues all at once. I chose the shields to work with her anxiety, sleeplessness, and a creative block.

I muscle tested her and 3 shields were indicated for protection and inspiration: Intensity Shield, Frequency Regulator and Frequency Booster. I activated each shield every week to “tune them up,” and to check if a change was needed.

She wore the 3 disks every day, all day, under her clothes. After 2 months she returned the Frequency Regulator and Frequency Booster saying she did not need them anymore. She continued wearing the Intensity Shield for another month but only when she was creating. One day she declared she didn’t need it anymore either. The outside circumstances had not changed, but her ability to stay centered and find her truth were changed.

The shields were able to keep her present and give her focused energy to continue her writing in the midst of internal and external chaos. The physical and psychological energy contained in the shields provided a protection she physically and emotionally experienced.
Julie Newendorp on October 6, 2009 at 9:00 AM said:

I have been using the discs for years with clients. Generally I use them when they are feeling very off and the discs calm them.
Sunday, I had an amazing and very clear experience with the discs. A friend was extremely upset. She had been verbally abused for a long time, but the most recent experience was so loud and brutal that a number of neighbors called the police (in the middle of the day). She has made a decision to leave the situation. As we began to work, I found that she was in shock. As I was holding the points, the energy got more intense and chaotic. I pulled out the cards and used 6 of them. As I was laying them on her body, she began to experience coolness and her energy field began to come into cohesion. Within a short period of time, she was back and calm. Though the situation is VERY sad and difficult, she is now able to walk through it being centered within herself, so she can follow her own guidance.
These discs are such a gift!
Michelle G on September 24, 2009 at 7:59 AM said:

I use the disks whenever I feel like my energy is off or disturbed. the other day I was feeling like nothing was going smoothly and i used two or three different disks and held them on my chest. I felt my energy field clear in about 10 minutes. It is amazing and so simple to use them!

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