Evolve Sessions
Emotional/Energetic Clearing, Spiritual Evolution              


Enjoy a private or group session with Dr. Valerie Girard.  Dr. Girard will utiilize  PanHarmonic Healing Technology to:

*Personal Emotional Clearing

*Removal of Shock and Trauma

*Medical Intuitive Reading

*Manifesting Your Intentions 

*Accelerating Your Spiritual Evolution

*Increase Your Health and Stamina 

*Assist You to see into Your Energetic Continuum

*Introduce You to the Divine Avatars

*Assist You in Discovering  Your Spritual Destiny


Contact Dr. Girard  for a life changing session in person, by phone or by skype.

Initial Session: $200/hr.

Series of 3 : $500

Follow-up: $110/ half hour 

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