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In 1988, PanHarmonic Healing began as a way to organize information that was rapidly emerging in the holistic healing field, through a chiropractic healing modality called TBM and other sources. Diagnostic information was accessed via the muscles testing of points on the body that correlated to specific organs, glands, and other internal parts of the anatomy. These points eventually became the Body Code, which were then formulated into healing protocols used by health practitioners to improve functional physiology in their patients.

In time, the use of the Body Code, via PanHarmonic Healing, expanded to include the treatment of emotional, mental, energetic issues. It also addressed the spiritual evolution of human consciousness. Over a period of five years, an entire map of over 4000 energetic alignments emerged that was then formulated on a grid that could be readily accessed via the use of the PHH manual and muscle testing. This map, like human consciousness, continued to evolve and expand in its meaning and use.

Over the last two decades, the PanHarmonic Map of Awareness has evolved to become an energetic healing technology whose purpose is to illuminate humanity’s journey into awareness. It is aligned with the evolutionary path of Oneness and honors the freedom of each soul's unique path. Most importantly, it is both a self-healing technology and one that can be used on other individuals as well as on large and small groups. It can be done on the body or as distant healing. It honors everything in our universe as pure energy and vibration and gifts practitioners with the keys to unlock their unique journey towards personal illumination.

Various cultures of the world have contributed to uncovering esoteric knowledge through meditation and shamanic practices. Entire cosmologies have sprung from the distinct explorations of shamans, illumined teachers and spiritual explorers. Utilizing direct knowing, inner sight and shamanic power, these beings journeyed into unseen realms to experience the true nature of reality. Buddhism, Hinduism, Asian culture, Native and South American shamanism, Aboriginal and Maori practices, African and Hawaiian cultures have all contributed to our current grasp of spiritual knowledge. The many spiritual practices that exist in the world today offer practitioners a path to attaining total awareness in the Oneness.

PanHarmonic Healing presents an expansive compendium of spiritual knowledge, combining ancient healing techniques and deep esoteric knowledge with modern developments in the healing arts. Evolutionary in its organization, it offers over four thousand levels of energetic information organized into a grid map of 220 levels of conscious expression within its five realms of consciousness. This map, used with muscle testing, allows the practitioner to locate, activate and tract physical and spiritual healings for the spiritual seeker.

The Five Realms of Consciousness

The Map of Human Awareness’s five realms include the Conscious, Unconscious, Depth Reality and Superconscious.  The fifth realm is expressed as The All, which includes the sacred gifts and powers of awakening beings. These five realms clearly delineate the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, shamanic and spiritual levels of human consciousness.

The five realms are organized according to increasing subtlety. The Conscious and Unconscious realms are each ordered into 22 levels of awareness, while Depth Reality and the Superconscious realm both contain 78 levels of awareness. Each of the 200 levels contains up to thirty sublevels.

The 22 levels of the Conscious realm ready the practitioner to experience the teachings of the 78 levels of the Superconscious Realm. It details the observable expressions of consciousness through the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies while addressing the construction of 3D reality. More subtly, it addresses specific ways to resolve constrictions in the flow of consciousness that occur when emotions, thoughts and subtle energy bodies are out of balance. It attunes the practitioner’s awareness to their next evolutionary expression of consciousness while providing access to esoteric knowledge embedded in multi-dimensional reality.

The 22 levels of the Unconscious realm address the hidden and less tangible aspects of our awareness by allowing practitioners to track their unique journey into self-awareness. By bringing to light and resolving aspects of the unconscious such as the shadow, attachment, desire and denial, the practitioner begins to align with the authentic self. The PH map of the Unconscious Realm also attunes the energy body, tracts the Dreambody and delineates the archetypal journeys into the multi-faceted self.

As one liberates the obstructions in the Unconscious realm, the doors open to the shamanic and magical realms of Depth Reality realm. Activating these frequencies then allows practitioners to become receptive to the mysteries and the gifts of the Divine Mother. The penultimate Level 100 initiates practitioners into the absolute essence frequencies of the Divine Feminine.

The Superconscious realm presents the continuum of Sacred Laws that have been offered as injunctions and encodements to the human race by the many prophets and spiritual masters who have appeared to guide humanity. The map of the Superconscious realm distills the true essence of the Ten Commandments, the Vedic Laws, the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, the Plutonian Harmonics, the Essene Gospel, the Keys of Enoch and the Emerald tablets to name a few. While its breadth verges on the incomprehensible, it reaches deeply into the Known aspects of human awareness. It maps expansive aspects of consciousness that seers and enlightened beings have hinted at and perhaps have shared with but a few aspirants. It ultimately leads the practitioners into activating the I AM consciousness of the Divine Masculine.

The 20 levels of the fifth realm of consciousness comprise The All. Contained within are the keys to activating the sacred gifts and powers latent in all humans. Once activated, these gifts attune the evolving human to their life purpose and arm them with the tools and awareness to be of service to the spiritual upliftment of humanity.

In 2006, a key contribution to the evolution of human awareness emerged from The All: the Christalis Code. Using mantras and mudras associated with world avatars, it allowed practitioners to attune to specific cosmic frequencies that activated spiritual consciousness into daily life. The 20 Christalis Codes, used individually or in groupings, form a language, which when activated, initiate specific lessons onto a practitioner’s life path.

The Christalis Code

In 2009, the Avatars of the Christalis Code began to offer Their frequencies in specific sequences, through a mudra meditation. During this form of meditation, the practitioner became encoded with a spiritual lesson as each mudra was held for 3-20 minutes. A manifestation of this lesson then appeared into the life of the practitioner in the days that followed. These mudra groupings called The Daily Encodes were offered to an international group of practitioners as a daily meditation over a period of one year.

A group of dedicated students met twice weekly to learn and practice the teachings of the Avatars that emerged through the daily meditations of Dr. Valerie Girard. Lessons were given in the areas of Clearing Illusion, Power and Protection, Dreaming, Upgrading the Human Configuration, The 5D frequencies, the Gate of the Divinity and more. These powerful lessons were practiced and applied into daily life. The lessons clearly illustrated many profound energetic lessons that are important to the awakening process.

There is no end to the journey as long as we live in the duality of 3D reality. Consciousness expands infinitely, thus, as we ride the wave of consciousness throughout our human existence, there will always be another level of awareness revealed. PHH and the Christalis Code are offered to assist in this personal journey. With adherence to one’s personal unfolding path comes the revelation and expression of Oneness, and with that, awakening.

PanHarmonic Healing offers everyone the ability to self-heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The PHH alignments allow practitioners to tract their awakening process with clarity and empowerment. Learning even the basic techniques affords practitioners an avenue to conscious awakening and the ability to create more ease in one's life.

We hope to soon create an online school. Classes with be offered in Santa Barbara, California yearly on the following subjects. Please feel free to inquire about them. Dr. Girard is currently aseembling the Daily Encodes into book form.


1)  A Body Code with techniques that help you diagnose physical,emotional and etheric blocks and energetic disturbances. We teach you how  to self-diagnose these issues as well as how to clear them immediately so that you can evolve.

2)  Art of Emotional Healing teaches you to self clear emotional blocks in the body stemming from various soul experiences. These technologies are perfect for anyone wanting to advance their own evolutionary process or for healing practioners who wish to add this healing modality as an adjuct to their practice:

  • Heal Deep Childhood Wounding.... in minutes
  • Discover and Clear Your Core Negative Emotions
  • Clear Chronic Depression and Self Esteem Issues  
  • Discover and Clear Past Life Trauma and Connect the Lessons to the Present
  • Connect and Clear deeply rooted Soul Issues

3)  Introduction to the Christalis Avatars: Learn the varying aspects of each of the 20 powerful avatars such as Christos, Gaia, Buddha, Tara, Zhe-in, Bharatana and more. Learn to activate the unique frequencies of each avatar by learing a series of physical movements, mudras. meditations, spiritual marks and mantras that invoke powerful infusions of energy that will facilitate profound shifts in your life. These Christalis movements can be practice daily to activate additional energy in your life for spiritual awareness.

4) Star Gate Healing Disks. The Disks of Zoran encompass 20 healing disks that each offer powerful protective and clearing energies for you to place on your body, in your car, at home or at work.

The PanHarmonic Map

The Five Realms of Consciousness

Evolving Through Emotional Healing


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