What is PanHarmonic Healing?



The mysteries of the cosmos are revealed through meditation and by delving deeply into our inner nature. PanHarmonic Healing opens the doors to understanding how we manifest our reality. It embraces many levels of ancient knowledge, organizing them into a matrix that is multidimensional and alive. Through understanding this "map" of spiritual realms, PanHarmonic healing presents energetic practices to help you navigate your spiritual journey.

Teaching Energetic Healing Technologies With the Aid of a Spiritual "Map".


PanHarmonic Healing offers everyone the ability to self-heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. We teach you  energetic technologies that quickly release stored emotions and energetic blocks, so that the next layer can finally be cleared. Ultimately, your path becomes easier to navigate and you will have the power to quickly clear energetic or emotional blocks as they arise in yourself and others. 

Also, through the teachings of the twenty Avatars, such as Buddha, Tara, Christos and more, we learn specific hand mudras, mantras and physical activations that bring in the new Fifth Dimensional frequencies on the planet. We learn to embody and activate them, while experiencing the profound magic of these new frequencies. Practiced often, these movements and mantras are creating amazing evolution for PanHarmonic Practitioners worldwide.

The mission of PanHarmonic Healing is to provide its practitioners with techniques and a means to gain inner awareness and to evolve more rapidly as fully realized energetic beings. We offer the tools of attunement, evolution, activation and ascension. We support individual responsibility for spiritual awareness, by providing group support and a direct connection with the Divine.
We promote the path to both individual and planetary ascension through mediation, spiritual practices, and a loving environment. While PanHarmonic Healing focuses on the process of ascension, our mission is also to promote spiritual awareness in everyday living.


What is the panharmonic Map?

The PanHarmonic Map is a a succinct grid of the various realms of awareness...one that charts expanding and deepening levels of vibration from the physical plane to Divine presence and beyond.


Imagine a healing technology that gives practitioners the ability to participate in the expansion of their own consciousness from human to Divine. Then imagine a map that allows you to access where you are in your own journey, and a means to accelerate your personal evolutionary process.

Over the last two decades, the PanHarmonic Map of Awareness has evolved to become an energetic healing technology whose purpose is to illuminate humanity’s journey into awareness. It is aligned with the evolutionary path of Oneness and honors the freedom of each soul's unique path. Most importantly, it is both a self-healing technology and one that can be used on other individuals as well as on large and small groups. It can be done on the body or as distant healing. It honors everything in our universe as pure energy and vibration and gifts practitioners with the keys to unlock their unique journey towards personal illumination. It is the accumulation of thousands of sacred teachings offered as a path to freedom and liberation organized in an accessible format that allows the practitioner to understand where they are on their spiritual path.

PanHarmonic Healing encompasses a vast body of energetic healing technologies and is a kind of matrix for navigating spiritual awareness. 

Need an emotional tuneup and clear  current blocks?

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The PanHarmonic Healing encompasses these teachings:

1. The Body Code: The art of emotional Healing

Upon the surface of the physical body exists distinct points, that when used aloe or in unique combinations, form a code that has the potential to promote all forms of healing in the body. This code unlocks the quantum healing potential of our body, energetically corresponding to all that we experience and feel within our physical universe. Learning PanHarmonic's Body Code Protocols offer you the ultimate bridge or Map in understanding your mind/body connection. Learning the code offers you teh ability to self diagnose and self heal.  Read More......

2. the five realms of consciousness

The PHH map is divided into five realms of consciousness. There are progressively subtle levels of awareness within each of these five realms.  Read More.....

Realm 1: Conscious Realm Integrating Ordinary Reality                                     Levels 1-22
Realm 2: Unconscious Realm  Delving into Non-Local Reality                         Levels 1-22
Realm 3: Depth Reality: Journey into Depths of the Divine Feminine              Levels 23-100
Realm 4: Superconsciousness: The Sacred Laws of the Divine Masculine     Levels 23-100
Realm 5: The Sacred All: Spiritual Powers for Ascension                     
              Levels 1-20

3. the christalis code

IMAGINE... a code of symbols so ancient that they encompass the pure essence of all Spiritual Paths to grace this world and beyond. Imagine a code that provides paths to self-awareness, to beauty and to unconditional love. One that enhances the known, dips into the unknown and imagines the incalculable.  All languages are codes to communicating and understanding. The Christalis Code in an ancient language encoded through symbols, movements and sounds. It is vital, powerful and alive and can be used to heal, empower and to accelerate our evolutionary process. Read More...

4. the 5th dimensional overtones (the 5 d's)

The 5D Overtones have been offered as a gift from the ancient ones who serve as gatekeepers between the dimensions. Using sacred words and sounds, the 5D's assist us in attuning to the frequency of the Fifth Dimension and to embed it into this reality as an overtone. Practicing the 5D's will create a  more even flow in your life. You may begin to recognize the positive, easier flow of 5D...and you can better observe what lures you off of the path. Practicing these daily can make life flow smoother.  Read More...

5. daily encodes

The Encodes are Mudras, flowing from the Christalis Avatars. They are vibrational formulas that enact upon our reality field to produce a subtle and gradual awakening of your awareness. These Encodes can be practiced by holding the individual mudras of three different Christalis Avatars in a specific order. These three vibrational offerings are an energetic sentence that steers our energy body towards the shift in awareness. It is easy, just hold each mudra for 1-20 minutes to experience the impact of the Encode. The message that is offered daily is brought through Dr. Girard as she enacts the mudras that day. The messages are easy to understand and done in any order.  Read More...