Christalis Mudras

Christos     Initiation


Place your hands at your heart, with fingers spread.Slightly bow your head and your knees.Link with the Christos energy and radiate it out to all humanity.

Bharatana          Purification

Indexes curls into thumbs, 6 fingertips touch. Then open spirals to make circles, then place right circle over part of left circle to make a vesica piscis.


Ka Ten   Intent


Right and left bent index & middle fingers touch while thumb covers the their nails and little and ring finger tuck into palm.

 Zhe-in    Opening

Right.hand cups over left palm, opens into a portal.

Gaia     Wholeness

Fingers lace inward, point at heart pulse outwards. Thumbs touch to make a circle, then touch heart.

Buddha    Freedom

Left palm under right hand, right palm pulses outwards as eyes soften.

Eyend    Integration

Thumbs cross indexes, 6 fingers point out, form bowl, flow energy to all mankind.

Treyen  Void

Ring fingers touch palms as thumb, index, middle and little fingers touch their opposites and slightly pull apart.

Anaswara   Purpose 

Right index and middle fingers point up, left index and middle fingers point down, heels of hands touch.


Cheya     Manifestation

Backs of hands touch, face outwards & pulse outwards. Right hand is closer to the body.






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 Copyright 2008- 2012  by Dr. Valerie E Girard


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