Christalis Mudras 2

Fati’  Manifestation

Palms face forward, full extension, point down & out.


Seng Duan   Awareness


Eagle claws twists at wrists, facing laterally outwards. Left wrist over right wrist. They vibrate slightly at solar plexus.

Sanat Kumara  Source

Middle fingers touch, index and ring bend slightly as elbows pull in.

Tara   Synchronicity

Thumbs & index form O, palms face out or up, smile.

Adujentes     Rejuvenation  

Thumb & ring touch, palms face forward.

Vos Sa   Power

Index’s side by side, middle fingers open outwards. Undulate index fingers, pulling energy inward towards solar plexus

Athabascar    Form

Middle fingertips touch, thumbs touch as index fingers overlap. Ring and little fingers fan. Bring mudra to eyes and gaze through mudra, outwards.

Sibalin   Flow

Curled prayer hands open to create a sanctuary, then undulate mudra in various directions.

Ta Tou   Chaos

Palms face eyes, fingers interlace & wiggle, pointing at third eye.

Shekinah    Illumnation

Wrists cross, left over right as palms face body. Spread fingers flap slowly like wings.










At end of Mudra Dance, close eyes and revert to Sanat Kumara, emptying the mind and connecting with Source. Breathe deeply into belly and let go to Presence.

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