IMAGINE.... an energetic healing technology that maps both human and Divine Consciousness through five realms of consciousness and 220 levels of awareness. One that charts expanding and deepening levels of vibration from the physical plane to God/Goddess presence... and beyond. Imagine a healing technology that gives practitioners the ability to participate in the expansion of their own consciousness from human to Divine. Then imagine a map that allows you to access where you are in your own journey, and then... add a means to accelerate your personal evolutionary process.






What is the Map?

The PanHarmonic Map is a a succinct grid of what prophets, avatars, teachers, seers and shamans have seen in their journeys into awareness. It is the accumulation of thousands of sacred teachings offered as a path to freedom and liberation...organized in an accessible format that allows the practitioner to understand where they are on their spiritual path.It acknowledges the many paths that have existed in the ancient times as well as distilling the current spirituals laws of evolution. It delves into the deeper realms of awareness that open the gate to the Divine Feminine. It affords the practitioner a view of Cosmic Awareness when they are ready to experience their expanded Divine nature.






How is this map of the Realms of Consciousness presented?  Human awareness is divided into Five Realms of Consciousness.Each realm is then divided into 20-78 levels of awareness for a total of 220 levels of awareness. Many of these levels of awareness have be presented by spiritual teachers throughout the ages. Yet they have never been organized so succinctly according to their level of spiritual subtlety.

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Why Is This Ancient Technology Being Offered Now?



We are at a junction where consciousness must be raised on the planet if we are to survive the next thirty to forty years. PanHarmonic Healing acknowledges that our reality is a co-creation by every being on the planet. When we are clear, we have more energy and conscious awareness to create a planet of peace, prosperity and harmony.






The journey into awareness is ours to choose. Everything that exists is within us. The possibility of knowing the full spectrum of our Soul’s expression here on this planet is within us. We can reach it though the guidance of others or through the steadfast wiliness to uncover our greatness in this lifetime.






What is truly exciting is the fact that we are perched on the edge of a more unified experience of awareness, ready to expand into a life of magic and freedom. Deep in our subconscious is the memory of what it is like to be unencumbered and powerful, a life of living ascension.














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