Healing Your Physical Body
Adapting to a Changing World


There are powerful tools for healing the body that surpass modern medicine. These tools reach beyond the confines of science into the energetic nature of the Universe and the body. To master these tools is to master adaptation.


These tools have been used by alternative medical practitioners for decades and are now available to the lay person for study and use.


In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Access the major organs and glands in the body and influence their function by energizing them or attuning them
  • Clear the body of toxins energetically
  • Clear poisons such as pesticides, poison ivy and oak, bites, stings and other noxious elements.
  • Balance Blood sugar
  • Clear Allergies
  • Boost the body's Immune system to clear infections
  • Clear the energy that creates growths in the body
  • Inhance Metabolism
  • Learn basic natural first aid


This is a must for all health care practitioners, mothers, teachers and anyone who wishes to take charge of their own health care.  Sign up Here:


  Email us at classes@panharmonic.com





 Copyright 2008- 2012  by Dr. Valerie E Girard


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