Healing Disk Manual
How to Use Your Healing Disks for Meditation or Healing


This simple to use guide offers information about each Healing Disk along with suggestions for placement on the body, around the home or office or on your altar.

We welcome your feedback and experiences with these unique healing tools, formulated for the spiritual practitioner and energetic healing wishing to expand their gifts.

The disks link to powerful energetic formulations that exist dimensionally and were gifted to the PanHarmonic Healing community ten years ago to address issues concerning the need for protection and energy enhancement. These cards were carefully created to accurately encode the practitioner with the energy of the disks as well as entrain the practitioner towards generating these effects for themselves in their spiritual and healing practices.

They may be used singularly or stacks in towers for optimum effects. They may also encode a healing room for specific clearing and enhancement of energetic properties in healing.

The Intensity Shield is particularly powerful in protecting homes and cars and are useful when traveling.

PHH Healing Disk Manual

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