The Daily Encode Course
Initiating the Daily Encodes

If one were to embark upon the journey of a thousand steps, what better way to do it than with the daily if not moment-to moment guidance of an Avatar? In our case, there are twenty Avatars lending Their frequencies to our unfolding journey.


The Daily Encodes emerged out of the Wall of Light project in which some twenty practitioners were guided to “thin” the Wall of Illusion through a day-to-day process using the Avatar energies. A daily meditation was sent out to each practitioner that focused on specific illusionary behaviors occurring in the world today. The misuse of power, drugs, alcohol, food, sex, magic, control and more daily add to the wall of illusion that keeps us from experiencing the Divine. We were given an understanding as to the origin of the behaviors, reminding us to maintain compassion in the face of h destructive behaviors worldwide.


When the Wall of Illusion had indeed thinned, the Avatars turned Their guidance towards the practitioners, offering instruction on all matters of spiritual evolution. The messages evolved, as did the messenger, allowing powerful frequencies to emerge into our daily work and group meetings. Together we forged a New Groove that has allowed us to see that we are Architects of the New Dream. The Avatars have enlisted our attention to embark on the Journey of a Thousand Steps. You are now initiating yourself unto that path.


Each step of the way has been a succinct but exquisite step that is not be missed. The nature of the Daily Encodes is to not only inform, but to embed the transformative frequencies into your energy field. Day-by-day you will have the opportunity to shift your awareness into the Divine. In addition to the lessons, the Encodes offer a step up in vibration that then entrains your mind, body and soul to seek the Divine in all aspects of your life.


This journey is offered to you so that you are in command of your spiritual growth. By engaging with the mudras, you are empowered to call in the specific frequencies of the twenty Christalis Avatars, each of who emanates expansive cosmic energy unto the earthplane. These Avatars offer Their frequency through symbol, mudra, movement, meditation and mantra. Called the Christalis Code, it acts as a spiritual sign language that communicates and transmutes.


Through the Daily Encodes, we engage with three different Avatars  each day by assuming Their individual mudras in a specific order. Each lesson is accompanied by three pictures depicting the mudras, the Avatars and the corresponding symbols.


It is advisable to engage with each of the mudras one by one to familiarize yourself with their formation and their energy. You may see each one at mudra and at mudra.  You may also watch the video.


There are various ways to employ the Daily Encodes. First, you may see the pictures and take a minute or two with each mudra as you quietly engage with the energy of the Avatar. You may also read the Encode and engage with the Avatar as directed. Thirdly, you may read the Encode, close you eyes and hold each mudra for 5-10 minutes or until you feel a shift in your energy as you contemplate the message from the Avatars. This is the ideal way to deepen your path with the Christalis Avatars.


To practice, begin with the first hand position above. Anchor your thumbs to your heart and bow your head, willing to receive the benediction of the Christos as He initiates you onto the path of the Christalis Avatars. Breathe as you receive the flow of energy coming in from the Cosmic Christ.


Now place the second mudra on your upper abdomen, just below your sternum. Breathe the frequency of Ka Ten into your being. Ka Ten attunes you to the Intent of the Encodes - spiritual evolution.


Finally, open the portal of Zhe-In. Place the right palm on the left. Breathe as you open the space between your two palms to create a portal. Zhe-In is the master of reality and will be a major guiding force in your work with the Encodes.


You cannot underestimate the power of the Christalis Avatars or these Encodes . Steadily applied, they allow for a reorientation into your Divine nature and awareness.


Congratulations! You have just completed your first Encode.


These Encodes are offered to assist all beings interested in awakening through Living Ascension. It is adivised to perform and work with one Encode daily for a total of five per week. The Avatars suggest that attention be placed upon the vibration presented each day, observing the unfolding of this lesson through your day and week. Each person engaging with the Daily Encode course will create their own experience with the material offered.


If you wish to engage in the complete course, please click here.



 Copyright 2008- 2012  by Dr. Valerie E Girard


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