PanHarmonic Healing Disks

  The PanHarmonic Healing disks have been brought through to protect and assist meditators, healers, energy workers, shamans or for anyone who needs protection or for those who working on their spiritual evolution. There are twenty of these highly active disks, specifically formulated to protect, energize and balance all aspects of your being and energetic body and surroundings. They are known as the "Disks of Zoran" and are mysterious, yet powerful energetic frequencies that individually have a unique function.

The PanHarmonic Healing Disks can be used on the body, placed strategically (such as in your glove box in your car) or placed in your home or office. They are often used in meditation, one at a time or in groupings of three. They are virtual powerful frequency modulators that link to actual Cosmic Disks that are gifts to humans in their evolutionary path. Using the Christalis Code as activating agents, they combine the vibrational elements of gemstones, precious metals and universal elements, aligned to emit a specific power to protect and empower the healer and meditator. They have been found effective when installed behind pictures, under objects, in cars, in suitcases to protect, empower and dissipate energies that are being released. They can be placed on the body for healing sessions.

 The cards come non-laminated or laminated. They can be used personally or with clients. A PDF manual for use of the Healing Disks is available to everyone who purchases a full deck of disks. Read testimonials about the disks.

 The PanHarmonic Healing Disks are available for purchase singularly or as a complete deck. Buy now at the PanHarmonic Store

You may view the PHH Healing Disks manual here PHH Healing Disk Manual






 1.SANCTIFICATION LOCATOR DISK: Used to open up the head center to connect  to divine energies that are aligned with your frequency. Entrain yourself to Divine frequencies and bring them through into your life. Great for those who need clarity in channeling Divine energies. Good for opening any chakra. Purchase

2.DIVINER DISK: allows you to open to the flow of direct knowledge (seeing) to come through your awareness. Increases psychic awareness and it clears the miasmic fog that keeps us from seeing into the NOW. Purchase

3.INTENSITY SHIELD: One of everyone's favorites, this shield protects physical, emotional and material vehicles from harm (cars, bodies, emotions by placing a golden protective glow around the energetic body/house/ relationship. Disk can rotate in multi-vectored direction. Activate second copy and place in car. Excellent protection against car accidents and mechanical problems. Purchase

4. METRON DECONSTRUCTION DISK: dispels dis-harmonic energies from other realities such as past lives. May be used in areas where there are old energies left over in homes, offices etc. Use when strange or erratic energy manifests in life or dreams. Purchase

5. MIND HARMONIZER: this disk is a pond of clear energy to reflect the harmony of the Universe. Place in front of you or in palm and gaze into to it with your inner eye. Links you to the Universal Mind. It balances, energizes and harmonizes the mental body. Great for meditation, taking tests, job interviews. Useful in enhancing restful sleep. Place on 3rd eye. Purchase

6.MAGNETIZER: assists in programming your energy field to the Law of Attraction. Great to use with Frequency Booster and the Intent Magnifier. This balances the E-M etheric body. Can be used if switching is taking place and cannot resolve issues. Move up and down thoracic spine or Conception vessel. Purchase

7.HEART PROTECTION: heals and protects the heart from disappointment and abuse. Opens heart awareness in meditation and encourages intuitive development. This will bring in an energy like a crystal bowl or a pink mist that moves through the energy field and softens the edge of awareness. Helps you link to Cosmic Heart Center. Purchase

8.PLANETARY TRANSMUTATION: Purple fibers connect to the earth’s evolutionary force, transmuting stagnant energies. Connects to the Divine Feminine and assists in grounding personal energy. It connects you to the evolutionary path of the planet so that your personal work is for the good of all sentient beings. Purchase

9.STAR CONFIGURATION LOCATOR: Rubies transmit energies that locate specific star vibrations necessary for personal evolution. This helps you align with stellar, galactic and cosmic frequencies for your personal evolutionary acceleration. It enhances journeys to the cosmic worlds. Purchase

10.FREQUENCY REGULATOR: Modulates the flow of external energies coming into the energy body and teaches the energy body to do it on its own. It works to balance irregular energy fluctuations and modulates incoming energies from inner and outer sources.  Purchase

 11.FREE ENERGY UPLOADING DISK: Teaches the energy body to source available energy so that it can build its frequency to evolve and prosper. It serves as a battery charger. Use it to elevate and accentuate your energy for spiritual advancement. Enhance your daily life by using this in meditation. Access extra energy for dreaming and spiritual work. Let this disk entrain your ability to access energy from within. Purchase
12.FREQUENCY BOOSTER: Supercharges and amplifies incoming energy, making it accessible to the energy body. This boosts personal power and awareness. providing energy for spiritual advancement, dreaming and creativity. Uplifts mood. Teaches you to raise your vibration. Great with Magnetizer Disk and Intent Magnifier. Purchase
13.ZENITH OF POWER: Guides the energy body in how to accumulate increasing amounts and frequencies without short circuiting. It is creates a precise ability to attune to incoming frequencies. It also elevates your frequency to higher vibrational modes for meditation, work and life goals. Use for creative projects.Purchase
14.DENSITY MAGNIFIER: Helps the energy body to interface with the physical, emotional and mental bodies to give a sense of deepened presence. It creates more density in the energy body and consolidates its varying tones. It grounds and solidifies energy field that is too scattered. Great for tasks that need attention and concentration. Good for inner journeying. Calming and deepening. Purchase
15.ABERRANT FREQUENCY SHIELD: Hones in on negative frequencies foreign to the energy body, dismantling and dispersing them. It also shields the energy body from further aberrant disturbances, and trains perception in discerning aberrant frequencies. It shields you from aberrant energies that are unseen and disturbing from outer and inner sources. Useful to carry when around others who are disturbed or traumatized. An essential disk to carry at all times. Purchase
16.TOTAL ENERGIZER: Can be used when the energy body and all other bodies are depleted from long term stress. It can teach the energy body to avoid depletion. It rewires total energy field to function at its current maximum output and efficiency. Purchase
17.SYNCHRONIZATION DISK: Tunes to and synchronizes the physical, emotional mental spiritual body. It trains you to be in the flow with higher vibrating reality.Purchase
18.COSMIC DEBRIS BUSTER: This dismantles cosmic debris. Use when you feel bombarded by energies that do not seem connected to everyday life. It dissembles cosmic debris from solar flares, astrological occurrences and cosmic dissonance.Purchase
19.FREQUENCY BINDER: When you or your energy body becomes dissipated, torn apart, fragmented, uprooted, spun out of control use this disk. It unifies electromagnetic field and smooths outer frayed frequencies. Creates feeling of containment and safety. Closes holes in energy field. Good to use in large crowds or highly populated areas, such as malls, schools, office or in public. Purchase
20. INTENT MAGNIFIER:  A "must have disk", it accents and accelerates the manifestation of intent. Empowers your best aligned intentions for accelerated manifestation. Can be used for spiritual enhancement. Purchase

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The Healing Disks are available for purchase singularly or as a complete deck. Please purchase at the PanHarmonic Store





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