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The Blessed Void


Yesterday I awoke and tuned in, was not sure of what the Avatars were saying to me. So I let the silence spread out over the day and carry me through each moment. How was it for you? Even in the conversations we had on a warm summer evening, it was present in its subtlety.


When I awoke this morning, I realized the essence of what I had been feeling: The Void. The Void often signals a pivot point from one energy flow to another. It is a cosmic pause, called forth by Treyen who wants to remind us, especially those of us whose lives are marked by doingness, that even Universal flows and rhythms have their pause.


Tune in: do you feel it? Over the last several weeks, a strong flow of energy moved our lives. I feel that it moved this reality into a new rung on the vibration ladder. I see the signs of this in subtle ways daily.


So, if you feel a bit of uncertainty, or life is not moving forward as it ‘should” or you feel empty, then say “yes!” and pull out your Treyen mudra! When you do, close your eyes and imagine the nothingness of the Void. Turn and face it with your arms outstretched, welcoming it, as it has welcomed us in our ascension practice.


Then, call forth Cheya and assume your light vehicle by visualizing the star tetrahedron around you. This is a reminder to travel as light on the planet, to use light to travel and to bring light to the Void and be still in the center of it.


As you have mastered this feeling, connect to Ka Ten, who entrains you to navigate as light with your Intent, to wherever you are guided by your direct knowing. Intent is that part of you that allows yourself to remain connected to the Mind of God. It is a combination of your free will and your commitment to acquiescing to the Will of God. Very powerful!


So then, imagine yourself, in the Void as a light vehicle vibrating at still a higher frequency, ready to shift to a new locale, at the Will of God. That Intent rests deep in your essence and you can feel it in the silence that is always in you.


Treyen, Cheya, Ka Ten. Say Their names, think of Their symbols, or do the mudras in sequence today to see how the emptiness is so wiling to hold you while you wait to manifest with Intent. Beautiful peace.





Expanding Awareness
How can we expand our awareness into Galactic or more powerfully Cosmic consciousness? We practice.
We must make this a consistent practice. One of the reasons why is that the Universe itself is always expanding? This is the thrust of evolution, to expand. So by placing our attention on expanding our awareness, we are aligning with the Universe as awareness expands.
One of the ways that we expand awareness is by letting in Divine love. You need just ask with your heart, and this is available for you. Another is to go deeply into meditation, letting go of the internal dialogue that keeps us engaged with ordinary, limiting reality. Still another is to practice the activations and let them build a groove of awareness for you. This groove opens up awareness in our Energy Body. The activations build awareness of the Energy Body as well as developing features that we need for our journeys from ordinary states of awareness into non-ordinary states. We will need the energy, the awareness and the Energy Body to become Conscious Dreamers, contributing to a new Dream of Light and Love.
So, we begin with the Adujentes. Hold the mudra as you visualize elements of the activation. Or open your awareness to the left body and imagine the Adujentes cultivating your awareness in your left energy field. This will liberate energy from their domain of the Dream.
Then, turn to Zhe-In. I found myself bowing deeply as I entered through the portal. I doing so, I knew I was acquiescing to the Master, surrendering aspects of my ego and personal history so that my awareness could be entrained to expand. By that I mean there was nothing I had to do but to let go deeply into allowing the Divine to do its work. Energy began to move up through my body from my feet.
Finally, Seng Duan appeared and I began to visualize creating the vortexes front and back, left and right. For those who have done the activations, you know that there are four vortexes that go up and down, clockwise and counterclockwise, right and left body. These are critical elements in the energy body for traveling energetically into cosmic fields of energy. They must be carefully cultivated. For now, hold the mudra and ask Seng Duan to assist you in creating these vortexes if you do not know the activation. Then let your attention soften and expand outwardly. You may feel waves of energy wafting in. Run this encode several times today, if only for a moment in your mind. Write the symbols on a sticky note and place it in your workspace. Take moments out of your ‘ordinary life’ to wear a groove, so that the Avatars can entrain your consciousness. As you do, you will receive the gift of the Avatars, Divine love and expanding awareness.


 Copyright 2008- 2012  by Dr. Valerie E Girard


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