The Christalis Code: The Original Source Code


IMAGINE... a code of symbols so ancient that they encompass the pure essence of all Spiritual Paths to grace this world and beyond. Imagine a code that provides paths to self-awareness, to beauty and to unconditional love. One that enhances the known, dips into the unknown and imagines the incalculable. This is the spirit and essence of the Christalis Code.

Symbols have been in use since the beginning of time and resonate deeply in our unconscious. Certain symbols can make us feel vibrant and focused while others make us weak and low functioning.

All languages are codes to communicating and understanding. The Christalis Code in an ancient language encoded through symbols, movements and sounds. It is vital, powerful and alive and can be used to heal, to empower and to accelerate our evolutionary process.


Who Are the Christalis Avatars?

Throughout time, great beings have come to the earth plane to bring new frequencies to assist the human evolutionary process. These beings have embodied ancient and profound cosmic energies that have influenced humanity's efforts to become reunited with their true essence. Christ, Buddha and Tara are three of these beings. Their emanations and teachings continue to have a profound effect on the course of human evolution. We know that to emulate their essences is to profoundly affect our journey through this world.

Mankind has done its best to interpret the words and actions of these great beings and share them with their fellow humans. In some cases, the teachings have remained pure. In other cases, the teachings have been commandeered to control humans and dilute their power to aid humans in evolving into Divine beings.

Each of the 20 Christalis Avatars is represented by a symbol. Each symbol acts as part of an intricate and sublime language that when spoken, reverberates throughout the cosmos with power and intent. Put together, these symbols act as a code, empowering practitioners to heal, shift and evolve, as well as providing a format for living ascension.

 The cosmic frequencies transmitted by each Avatar raise the vibration of ordinary reality, accelerate the evolution of the human spirit, facilitate healing of both body and mind as well as offer energetic guidance. For example, the Christos offers the vibration of initiation and unconditional love. The Buddha offers the frequencies of compassion, truth and freedom. Gaia offers a path to wholeness.

Each Avatar also presents a five step evolutionary process. These cosmic formulations encapsulate many of the ancient teachings that we live by in our world today. Each of the five steps offers a specific lesson or spiritual discipline. To invoke the Avatar through symbol or sound is to invite Their guidance into your spiritual path. These are revealed to practitioners who activate the vibration of the Christalis Avatars into their practices.

By activating these divine frequencies for personal use, the practitioner also grounds these frequencies into the earth plane. At a time when we could feel powerless to change the conflicts of the world, one could imagine how raising the frequency of the planetary vibration could be an empowering action.

The Christalis Code offers a concise way to access powerful frequencies daily. This code can be used in meditation, emotional and healing practices, manifesting, art and ceremony. It honors the best of traditions and offers succinct evolutionary pathways. The codes can be used singularly or in combinations called Encodes.

Activating the Christalis Avatars

The Christalis Code Avatars are activated into our reality in a number of ways.


Symbol or Mark

Symbols represent the earliest attempt of man to express a thought or vibration. Early man made crosses and circles to represent aspects of nature that they observed. These symbols or marks evolved through time and came to mean similar things to a variety of unrelated ancient people. Symbols are the most concise form of communication because they communicate a broad base of information.

Each Avatar is represented by a very concise symbol or mark. While some represent common geometric shapes, such as the square or circle, others are unique. These symbols can be drawn or visualized internally. If one of these symbols appears in meditation, it signals the presence of that Avatar working with you energetically.



Many of the original practitioners were guided to connect with the Christalis Avatars through a movement series called the Christalis Activations. Each movement series initiates and communicates the frequency of that Avatar into the field of the practitioner through the physical body.

By evoking the presence of the Avatars through the activations, the energy body is prepared for the transition into higher energy states. While employing these movements, individual consciousness will be energetically upgraded each and every time they are used. Healing may occur, guidance may be rendered or the mind and body cleared of hindrances.

Each activation presents a specific aspect of the ascension process, revealed to practitioners as they evolve in their spiritual practices. One can also practice alone, performing all the twenty activations in sequence as one movement series. The Activations can be executed standing, walking or even energetically through meditation. Performing one or more of the twenty activations daily builds energy to assist the practitioner both in their day-to-day life or in their spiritual practices. Practiced in a group, they create a powerful energy field as well as energetically activate the frequencies into the planet.

These are best learned through online videos or in classes with instructors. There are instructions in the back of this book that will give you links to the video or you can visit to find a demonstration video there.



Each Activation ends in a mudra or sacred hand position.  These mudras can be used as a form of shorthand to evoke the presence of the Avatar in meditation or in daily life. We will use these mudras in the Daily Encodes. The use of mudras is an ancient practice used world wide to invoke the presence of sacred beings or frequencies.

While some mudras are single handed, the Christalis mudras are always double handed. Some mudras are stationary and some have movement.

The next chapter will introduce the 20 mudras of the Christalis Avatars, how to form them and their specific meanings. You will be guided on how to best use them.



Mantras are another ancient healing form, used to deepen consciousness, silence the mind, invoke a sacred presence or evoke a healing frequency. They can be singular sounds such as OM or an accumulation of sounds that may not be translatable such as Om Mane Padme Hum.

There is also an ancient, sacred sound that is associated with each Avatar. These sacred sounds may also be linked together into mantras or sacred chants for specific healing or meditation purposes. Each Avatar also has its own unique mantra that deepens the experience of the practitioner who chants them aloud or silently.



Using any of the aforementioned practices will activate the presence of the Christalis frequencies. One may personally select one or more to focus on or may follow a practice such as outlined in the Daily Encodes. Meditating on the Avatars symbols, silently repeating the associated mantra or sacred sound or assuming the mudra are all it takes to bring these cosmic frequencies into a practitioner’s spiritual practice.


Invoking the Christalis Code

The Christalis Avatars may be invoked singularly or in sequence through the use of any of practices. The Christalis Code may be used in infinite combinations to initiate healing, evolution and energetic expansion. They can be used to open gates into other worlds, attune to other realities, create powerful energy fields, alter reality, manifest intention and heal on a global level. There are no limits to their application in the spiritual and physical realms.

Most importantly, the Christalis Code is a tool for global emancipation. When groups engage with one of more of the Avatars (as they do in many parts of the world through Christ and Buddha) there is great potential to upgrade the consciousness of the planet.

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