Ascension Activations


 Infuse your being with the energies of the Christ, the Buddha, Tara, Gaia, Sanat Kumara and others...    for healing, evolution, attunement, personal freedom and Planetary Healing.

 These movements series were developed by Dr. Girard to assist practitioners in accessing the frequencies of the Christalis Avatars energetically as well as physically. The movements evoke powerful feelings and gradually train the energy body around practitioners to develop a strong Energy Body. Practitioners report stronger connection to their spiritual nature, more harmony, balance and open-heartedness. They are meant to augment any other spritual practice.

These movements are specifically designed to formulate a strengthened energy field able to hold the powerful energies that are becoming available to spiritual practitioners. Each of the twenty activations expresses a specific aspect of spiritual life and are used individually and in formulated sequences that affect powerful changes in the practitioner's life. In the end,the activations point to the process of living ascension. The practitioner performs the activations and the related mudras on a daily basis for maximizing the evolutionary process to Self realization.

The activations also align with the planetary shifts occurring, training the practitioner to develop the awareness needed for the changes ahead.

The Christalis Code activations also ground the Avatar energies onto the planet. They also create expanded, palpable, high vibrating fields of awareness when practiced in a group setting.

 The entire activation series takes 30 minutes to complete and can be done in one continuous flow.  They can be done in any order and specific sequences are being formualted for the group of practitioners that are currently working together. Although the activations are done standing, practitioners may also visualize doing them while reclining for a powerful, deepening experience to the Energy Body.

What is most fascinating is the evolvution of these movement series week to week. This is a direct result of an ongoing process of Ascension that the Avatars are offering to the PanHarmonic practitioners. During the four short years of being guided in our work by the Christalis Avatars has produced the 5M Process. Using mudra, mantra, movement, meditation and maneuvers, we train our energetic bodies to do what the human body struggles to do in this reality: transcend this reality for one that offers freedom, divine light, love and unity.

Here are some of the Ascension Activations that we continue to practice on an ongoing basis:


The Mudra Dance

Calling in the 5D Energies

Creating the Crystal Vessel

Awakening the Divine Mother

The Gate of Divinity

Stepping into the Void

Activating the Bridge of Power

Generating Energy for Ascension

Activating Awareness in the RIngs of Dreaming

Rites of Immortality


No experience is needed to join our twice weekly classes. Monday nights are more meditative and deepening. Saturday mornings are more active with lively discussions about the process of ascension. We meet in the OM Pavilion, which is where we have met for the last four years of Ascension work.

Monday Nights 7-9PM

Saturday Mornings 10-12PM

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