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*Enter the Om Pavillion*

IMAGINE... a code of symbols so ancient that they encompass the pure essence of all Spiritual Paths to grace this world and beyond. Imagine a code that provides paths to Self Awareness, to Beauty and to Unconditional Love. One that enhances the Known, dips into the Unknown and imagines the Incalculable. This is the spirit and essence of the Christalis Code. The Code is not Christian related, but instead encompasses all the spiritual teachings throughout time, connecting to known Avatars such as Budda, Christ, Gaia and others that are not as well known. What are the Christalis Avatars?

Symbols resonate deeply in our Unconscious. Certain symbols can make us feel vibrant and focused while others make us weak and low functioning.

All languages are codes to communicating and understanding. The Christalis Code in an ancient language given at this time to be used by those who wish to accelerate their evolutionary process. It is vital, powerful and alive and can be used to heal, to empower and to add to our evolutionary process.

We activate these Avatars twice a week at the OM Pavilion, named for its ability to anchor the energies of these ancient beings. Learn the full activations and the hand mudras that will create profound, positive shifts in your life.  Watch a video of the Christalis Code hand mudras known as The Mudra Dance.





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