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Price: $200.00
Prod. Code: ES001

This Hour long session will track your energy body exactly where you are and usher you to your next shift in consciousness. Dr. Girard is able to travel the reality grid to see and clear your blocks, old traumas, emotional imprints. With your soul  directing the session, Valerie is able to accelerate your evolutionary path by assisting you in jumping to your next higher vibrating groove. Each session condenses several healing tracks into one paradigm shift. Using her expanded levels of PanHarmonic Healing as well as the frequencies of the Christalis Avatars, she is able to navigate through spiritual and shamanic topography to bring enlightened awareness to this phase of your life.

Both informative and healing, this session will give you the tools to power through your eminent changes with the grace of the Divine.

  • You may expect to:
  • disocver and uncover past shocks and traumas that are impeding your growth
  • Accelerate your evolutionary process
  • Activate Divine Frequencies that will bring you forward in your evolution
  • Reconfigure your ego, personality, base self, mind and soul tou obtain personal freedom

Dr. Girard has been working spiritually for over 25 years. Here are some testimonies:


I will always be amazed at the infinite treasure of spiritual riches that pours forth from your heart and mind.
and how you shower us all with such positive possibilities. DP


Thank you (and Sibalin) so much for the work you did on my son. He immediately felt better. He told me that he couldn't explain exactly how he felt but it was like he was calmer and lighter. LB


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