The Body Code
Your Personal Healing Code

What if you could learn how to energize, clear and detoxify the organs of your body?

What if you could use those points to heal not only your body and others, but to clear emotions that had been there a lifetime?

What if these body points formed a code that could change the way your body functions and feels? Learning PanHarmonic's Body Code Protocols offer you the ultimate bridge or Map in understanding your mind/body connection

Upon the surface of the physical body exists distinct points, that when used aloe or in unique combinations, form a code that has the potential to promote all forms of healing in the body. This code unlocks the quantum healing potential of our body, energetically corresponding to all that we experience and feel within our physical universe. The body always is attempting to move towards balance….this is the imperative of all systems in the body. What gets in the way of healing? Most of the time, we do. We are not trained in how to take care of our body to maximize its longevity and capacity to perform. We are also not taught how to heal our body when it becomes sick or out of balance.

Many healing technologies now exist that are based in ancient knowledge, allowing us to not only care for our body but to also miraculously accelerate healing. By understanding the interconnectedness of body, emotions and thoughts and how we create ourselves in this reality, we can then influence where energy flows in our body and thus influence its ability to heal.

The Physical Body

The physical body itself is a holographic map of function and form. There are points on the feet, the hands, the ears and the spine that relate to various organs and their functions. There are also areas on the body itself that relate to each organ and gland. Cumulatively, they make up the Body Code. The Body Code Points or BCP, can be used singularly for energizing or clearing the organs and glands of the body or they can be activated in sequences to change the way the body functions.
Acting in a similar way to homeopathy, healing with the Body Code activates the body’s self-healing capacity. Over the years, giants in the complementary medicine field have mapped out many of these points: Terrence Bennett, DC, Frank Chapman, OD and Victor Frank, DC. These points have been used by thousands of chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists and other holistic healers.

More recently, Dr. Valerie Girard has discovered ways to use these points to energize, clear and detoxify the organs through use of these points. In addition, these points access emotional vibrations that relate specifically to those organs.

For thousands of years, the Chinese have understood how emotional resonance is held in the organs of the body. Others have refined this way of observing how function influences form. Many people have experienced spontaneous healing upon releasing emotions stored in the body.

Listed below are the relationships between body and emotions. This is the essence of the Body Code. Over time, unresolved emotions will affect the physiology of the physical body. By addressing and clearing ourselves emotionally on a daily basis, we can promote emotional health, which leads to a happier existence and a longer life. Read through these body/emotion relationships to see how they relate to your health and emotions.

Emotional Resonance for the Body Code

PITUITARY: Unplugged
PINEAL : Disconnected
THYROID: Self suppression
LUNGS : Grief, sadness, betrayed
LYMPH: Guilt
THYMUS: Self-love issues
PERICARDIUM: Lack of boundaries, violated, abused
HEART: Overjoyed, lack of emotion, flatlined
KIDNEY Fear, dread, paralyzed
LIVER: Anger, frustration, rage
GALL BLADDER: Resentment, bitterness, confused
STOMACH: Disgust, rejection, self-importance, nervous
SPLEEN: Low self esteem, low self-worth
PANCREAS: Self-hatred, self destruction
SMALL INTESTINE: Vulnerable, can’t assimilate, abandoned, insecure
LARGE INTESTINE: Stuck, crying, anal retentive, deep fear
ADRENALS: Dread, stress, anxiety
SEX GLANDS: Loss of self
UTERUS/PROSTATE: Disempowered, suppressed
BLADDER : Pissed, timid

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