Attuning The Energy Field
Balancing the Etheric Body


Take your healing and evolution into your own hands.   Learn how to clear yourself by understanding the Body Code, the Body Map and technologies that will allow you to self-diagnose blocks or negative energetic patterns. Through learning to self-muscle test and following a simple system of protocols that test different parts of your physical and emotional body, you can:


• Release old shocks and traumas that inhibit emotional and spiritual growth.

• Remove obstacles that are impeding your healing and learning potential.

• Treat insomnia, jet lag, fatigue, slow healing, focusing problems and stress.

• Regulate sleep, release stress, strengthen your personal energy.


In this exciting workshop you will learn how to attune and maintain your own personal energy field. A strong energy field is paramount for robust health and the ability to adapt to changes and stress.
We will share information with you that is on the cutting edge of healing and introduce you to advanced healing technology that will also assist you in your own personal spiritual work.  In addition, these attunements will strengthen and accelerate the results of any work you receive from other healers.

Most importantly, learn to accurately muscle test on yourself, the most incredible tool I know for health and spiritual growth. Learn it and you can take charge of your life, allowing you to access your inner truth in a moment. This is a fantastic opportunity-don’t miss it!


Your energy field is your direct interface with Source Energy.

By attuning your energy field, you will increase the vibrant force of the physical body for optimum health and increase your ability to hold and receive new, higher energies.

Are past shocks and traumas blocking your body’s ability to evolve and regenerate?
You will learn how to clear them in just minutes.

The brain’s ability to learn, process and comprehend can be turned off by life’s stresses.
You will learn how to “turn on” and flow with life.

Overwhelmed, overamped and over worked?
We will show you how to calm your energy within minutes. Learn techniques for peaceful sleep, jetlag, focusing, centering, rejuvenating your energy and…. much more!

This fun and dynamic workshop gives you the direct, powerful techniques to clear yourself of energetic blockages. You will learn easy but amazing techniques that allow you to self-diagnose any blockages that might be preventing you from your next step in your growth.  A fantastic workshop for everyone interested in optimum health, this is the first step for those interested in the ascension process

This workshop is geared to accelerate your spiritual growth. For those in the healing profession, you will receive powerful tools to assist you in your healing work and diversify you from other practitioners.  Not only will you learn to clear the physical body of issues, but you will be able to diagnose and clear the Etheric Body, which is one of the most important aspects of energetic healing. In some ways, it represents  physiology of the Unconscious realm. If it disorganized and unbalanced, we cannot process information coming into our energetic field.  This in turn inhibits our evolution. As our Etheric Body gains a deeper organization, we expand our ability to retain increasingly more subtle information and awareness of who we are. This is essential in our journey into Divine awareness.

The Etheric Body monitors centering, focusing, present attention, discernment, processing, comprehension, rejuvenation, integration, regeneration, timing as well as many other energetic faculties. There are fifty attunements, all of which play an important part in fine tuning our spiritual awareness.


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