Dr. Girard Discovers PanHarmonic Healing

With over 25 years of experience as a chiropractor and practitioner of energetic medicine,  Dr. Girard developed unique, practical healing techniques for individual patients. In time, she began to see whole paradigms of consciousness and was able to organize them into a grid so that she could easily navigate through over four thousand levels of healing. Her own spiritual development was accordingly enhanced as her intuitive skills increased tremendously.

Dr. Girard has treated thousands of patients using PanHarmonic technologies.  In addition to being a medical intuitive with a full understanding of the physical body, she can read the energy body and interpret its  emotional, mental and spiritual states.

Dr. Girard has devoted her life to teaching these technologies to others so that people can empower themselves to heal themselves.

For more information see Sessions.

For your own energetic session through live web interaction , skype or by telephone please email   dr.girard@panharmonic.com



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