Conscious Realm
Integrating Ordinary Reality



The first realm is the Conscious Reality. With twenty-two levels of awareness, it contains familiar delineations of how we know ourselves. These delineations range from the density of physical reality to the subtlety the existence of Death.

The physical, the most obvious and most dense vibration, is both tangible and discernible to anyone who exists in this reality. It describes the aspects of the human body and their ability to create posture, movement and alignment. The physical realm is accessed through The Body Code. This is taught in Evolution through Emotional Healing.

The second level of awareness is physiology. This defines how our bodies function on all levels. Form follows function and there are over one hundred sublevels, delineating how the body aspires to maintain balance and longevity. Some of this work is taught in Your Evolution: Healing the Emotional Body.

The third level of awareness is the emotional body. Emotions are tangible because we can feel them, yet not always accessible or discernible. We can know we are feeling an emotion, but may not know what that emotion may be or where it originates. W may even know or feel what others are feeling if we are perceptive. See Your Evolution: Healing the Emotional Body for more information regarding this level.

We can also perceive ourselves as thoughts, thus level four is the Mental Body. This is even subtler than the previous three levels. We can tune into our thoughts, although often we will not be conscious of what we are thinking. We are rarely aware of what others are thinking. Our Mental body organizes itself into Mental Programs. Examples are beliefs, attitudes, obsessions, delusions, illusion, compulsions, confusions or suspicions. Each type of mental program produces a different result and usually limits us in our ability to be connected to Source awareness.

If we realized how much our thoughts create our reality, we might pay more attention to them. The beauty of becoming aware of those thoughts that limit our reality is that as we change them, we gain more control over the reality that we create moment-to-moment. If we can observe and change our thoughts to life affirming assertions, our whole physical and emotional is positively affected.

Beyond this level of vibration, we need training in perceiving these increasingly subtle aspects of ourselves. For example, spiritual traditions from the East have taught us about charkas and the subtle aspect of our beings. Those who have studied the esoteric sciences know about the energy body and the way we assemble the reality of the conscious realm.

Those who study PanHarmonic Healing will be afforded a glimpse into aspects of not only how reality is assembled, but how we have configured aspects of conscious reality to experience all aspects of polarity and our separation from the Oneness.

The Conscious Realm is the pathway to the Divine Masculine polarity. It maps how we return, step by step, to the awareness of ourselves as Divine Beings who have realized the many faces of God the Father.


 Copyright 2008- 2012  by Dr. Valerie E Girard


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